Surfing in Uluwatu. Top-Notch Schools in 2024

By Putri, 2024.05.16

If you’re wondering what to do in Bali, then surfing in Uluwatu should be at the top of your activities. It is an experience that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. I say this because the area is blessed with some of the best surf spots in Uluwatu. They are perfect for surf sessions – with waves of all heights and challenges, from breakers to high level ones for the pro surfers. So, if you still think about what to do in Uluwatu, I definitely recommend surfing!

However, you’ll need an expert guide to give you the basics of the sport before you grab your board for surfing in Bali. Luckyly, the region of Uluwatu has some awesome surf schools with passionate teachers who are eager to help.

When it comes to activities in Uluwatu, there are enough surf spots to keep you busy for years to come. Whether you’re interested in surfing in Uluwatu for beginners or seeking more challenging waves, this coastal paradise has something for everyone. So, pack your sunscreen and get ready to catch some waves!

Teacher and student in one of the best Surfing school in Uluwatu

1. Dawn Patrol Bali Surf School

Dawn Patrol Bali Surf School in Uluwatu offers one of the best surfing experiences. You can find it located at the beautiful Balangan Beach.

Woman is learning to surf at Dawn Patrol Bali Surf School


The grop of people deuring the classes at Dawn Patrol Bali Surf School

All the 3-level lessons take place in specific locations on Bukit Peninsula and for each level, the instructor will train and guide students with the best surfing techniques and manoeuvres on water.

After your surf lesson, you can have some tasty Balinese or international dishes to keep you fuelled. Overall, the lessons offered are fun and informative, the instructors are skilled and friendly, and the facilities provided are top-notch for surfing in Uluwatu.

The couple is happy to study surfing help to Dawn Patrol Bali Surf School

Detailed Info About Dawn Patrol Bali Surf School:

💸Average price per class at Dawn Patrol Bali Surf School: US $32


✍🏽Booking/Info about Dawn Patrol Bali Surf School:

☎️Phone number: +62 859 352 911 89

2. Balangan Wave Surf School

Balangan Wave Surf School is located in South Bali and is perfect for surfers of all skill levels. Situated at Balangan Beach, it offers a great place to learn to surf. Besides Uluwatu, they have camps in Padang Padang, Bingin, and Dreamland, offering top-notch surfing activities in Bali.

Balangan Wave Surf School - man is taking the classes of surfing


Balangan Wave Surf School - surf lessons for children and adults

The surf lessons are divided into seven levels and cover everything you need to know, from beach safety and equipment basics to advanced techniques like angled take-offs.

The atmosphere at the school is welcoming and fosters a sense of community among surfers. Whether you’re new to surfing or experienced, you’ll feel at home here because the team ensures everyone has a memorable experience in Uluwatu.

Woman are taking a break during the lessons at Balangan Wave Surf School

Detailed Info About Balangan Wave Surf School:

💸Average price per class at Balangan Wave Surf School: US $40


✍🏽Booking/Info about Balangan Wave Surf School:

☎️Phone number: +62 819 999 565 73

3. Padang Padang Surf School

Padang Padang Surf School is the first school to be established in the Bukit area. Their experienced Balinese and Australian instructors teach surfing to all levels.

The boy is catching the wave after the classes in Padang Padang Surf School


The process of studying in Padang Padang Surf School

Throughout the coaching at all the three beginner to advanced levels, the experienced surf guides stay with you on location, provide tips, answer questions, and give video reviews.

The surf camp is located by the waters of the Indian Ocean, the vibe is that of enjoyment, and the people are very friendly, with plenty of opportunities for adventure and relaxation. If you’re thinking about what to do in Uluwatu, then go for this surfing school as it offers world-class facilities, is lively, and is rooted in culture.

Students and instructors on the surfboards at Padang Padang Surf School

Detailed Info About Padang Padang Surf School:

💸Average price per class at Padang Padang Surf School: US $29


✍🏽Booking/Info about Padang Padang Surf School:

☎️Phone number: +62 811 389 44 40

4. Infinite Wave School & Camp

Infinite Wave School & Camp is one of the top spots for learning to surf in Uluwatu. They offer lessons to surfing enthusiasts at the beginner and intermediate levels. They take students of all ages, including families.

The girl is learning to surf in Uluwatu under the supervision of instructor


Infinite Wave School & Camp - the group of people during the classes

Infinite Wave School & Camp offers surfing lessons seven days a week with a focus on enjoyment, surf etiquette, and water safety, with an option for families for those interested in surfing for beginners for their kids.

Once done on the shores, you can grab some delicious food with your family and friends. They believe in the harmony of nature, humans, and animals.

Instructors of Infinite Wave School & Camp showing the main aspects of surfing

Detailed Info About Infinite Wave School & Camp:

💸Average price per class at Infinite Wave School & Camp: US $35


✍🏽Booking/Info about Infinite Wave School & Camp:

☎️Phone number: +62 821 460 371 47

5. Impossible Surf School

Impossible Surf School in Uluwatu is one of the best surf schools in Bali that has been around since 2008. It’s known for its premier lessons near Padang Padang Beach, Bali. The surfing lessons are designed to be intricately helpful to individuals, groups, and even children.

A boy is cahtching the wave in Impossible Surf School


The surfboards and people on the lessons of Impossible Surf School

They focus on every student and provide customised guidance so that you are confident in your surfing techniques, while paying special attention is paid to safety and enjoyment. Before surfing, you’ll receive a 30-minute lesson on the land; then, the instructor will guide you on the waters.

Everyone at the school is very friendly, knowledgeable, and supportive. The instructors are passionate about their job and safety and make sure that every participant is learning and having fun while being safe.

Man is helping his student to stand on a surfboard at Impossible Surf School

Detailed Info About Impossible Surf School:

💸Average price per class at Impossible Surf School: US $32


✍🏽Booking/Info about Impossible Surf School:

☎️Phone number: +62 812 376 778 22

The best thing about the surf schools in Uluwatu is that they teach the sport to every age group and skill level. You don’t have to be a pro to pick up a surfboard, but you can become one of the many top surfing schools in the region. There are several other aspects that are praiseworthy, such as their knowledge, friendliness, facilities, and focus on safety. The instructors, while imparting knowledge and paying attention to every participant, make sure that the lesson is fun. Plus, Uluwatu’s beautiful beaches and lively atmosphere make it a perfect place for surfing adventures.

Expert Opinion About Surfing in Uluwatu

After reviewing the schools that teach surfing in Uluwatu, I can say that they all do a great job. Each school has something special, whether it’s the teachers, lessons, or a friendly vibe. Based on what I’ve seen, the top surf spots in Uluwatu are:

  • Dawn Patrol Bali Surf School
  • Padang Padang Surf School
  • Impossible Surf School

These schools do a good job teaching surfing and making sure everyone stays safe. Whether you need surfing in Uluwatu for beginners or more of pro-lessons, you’ll have a great time at these schools. The question of what to do in Uluwatu is no longer burning!

So, if you’re searching for new activities in Uluwatu, consider surfing. No matter which school you choose, you will have an unforgettable surfing experience. Overall, Uluwatu is a top destination for surfing, with beautiful waves and great schools to learn at.

So, pack your board and head to the place for an epic surfing on your Balinese adventure!


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