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By Putri, 2024.04.05

You can easily get the workout you want in Bali’s hippest neighbourhood, whether you’re just visiting for a weekend or stuck on the island paradise for months. The beach, coconuts, and lounging are all within walking distance, and the eclectic options make it easy to hit the best gyms in Canggu.

The Canggu gym scene caters to a wide variety of fitness interests, including beach body boot camps, mixed martial arts, rehabilitative gymnastics, Pilates, cardio classes, and minimalist CrossFit. Keep reading to learn about the top Canggu gyms and fitness studios that cater to all tastes and fitness levels.

List of Best Gyms in Canggu:

Fitness center for the Best Gyms in Canggu

1. Body Factory

The most cutting-edge commercial gym in Bali is the Body Factory. Unparalleled access to state-of-the-art technology awaits you in this luxurious atmosphere that prioritises peak performance.

The facade of Body Factory with the inscription on the wall

From professional athletes to weekend warriors and complete newbies, the gym has something for everyone. Body Factory offers both indoor and outdoor training options, so you can enjoy the Bali sunlight in either the functional training zone or the main gym. Indulge in the spa’s many amenities, including a massive, state-of-the-art sauna, an ice bath (Bali’s coldest!), a cool bath (12 degrees), a hot pool (42 degrees), a spacious swimming pool, chic sun loungers and a poolside bar to quench your thirst before and after your workout!

Body Factory - gym and yoga rooms, sauna and lounge zone


Swimming pool at Body Factory

Their nine lovely rooms make up the main portion of the building where guests can stay. Indulge in a stay in one of the elegantly appointed rooms and become an integral member of the Body Factory family.

💸Average price/session at Body Factory: $22

💎Facilities at Body Factory: Sauna, swimming pool, toilets, free Wi-Fi


🌟On Bali Expert Review Score: 9/10

Google Reviews: 4.4/5

Tripadvisor: 5/5

🕙Opening hours: 6 am – 10 pm


☎️Body Factory  phone number: +62 811 380 22 55

2. Nirvana Strength Bali

Nirvana is a place of perfection. Everybody can choose a class that suits them among the more than sixty weekly offerings. Find a balance in your training and focus on your areas of weakness.

Terrace with sun loungers with a standing Buddha statue nearby

No matter what you’re good at, they can help you do better. Athletes will hone their sport-specific abilities, yogis will expand their range of motion, mixed martial artists will strengthen their flexibility and range of motion in the joints, and surfers will build muscular endurance and stamina. Quick and tangible results are within your reach with their assistance. Instead of going to a gym in Bali, why not take advantage of Nirvana’s holistic approach to longevity and start a new healthy lifestyle?

They provide the best sports equipment in Bali, along with the support of professional coaches, a cafe and restaurant serving nutritious food and beverages, and a luxury recovery centre.

Nirvana Strength Bali - the main gym room, yoga room and sauna


Sports equipment at Nirvana Strength Bali

💸Average price/session at Nirvana Strength Bali: $22

💎Facilities at Nirvana Strength Bali: Hot & ice baths, personal trainers, sauna


🌟On Bali Expert Review Score: 10/10

Google Reviews: 4.8/5

Tripadvisor: 5/5

🕙Opening hours: 6 am – 11 pm


☎️Nirvana Strength Bali phone number: +62 877 006 001 10

3. Wrong Gym

Immerse yourself in the ultimate wellness retreat in the tranquil town of Pererenan, Bali. At this cutting-edge facility, you can expect an experience that will make you feel guilty for wanting more.

Sign of the Wrong Gym on the wall

With an unparalleled selection of exercise programmes, restorative spa services, and thrilling workshops, this is your chance to go wrong. Unlike any other fitness centre, this luxurious, state-of-the-art facility offers an unparalleled variety of services.

Wrong Gym - gym room, pool and the sauna


Sports equipment at Wrong Gym

Whatever your preferred exercise, this is the place to go to master it. They’re going to turn your fitness journey into something you actually look forward to doing.

💸Average price/week ay Wrong Gym : $77

💎Facilities at Wrong Gym: Sauna, swimming pool, free Wi-Fi


🌟On Bali Expert Review Score: 10/10

Google Reviews: 4.8/5

Tripadvisor: 5/5

🕙Opening hours: 6 am–10 pm


☎️Wrong Gym phone number: +62 822 366 599 49

4. Elite Fit Bali

Maximise your potential with EliteFit Perform. In the large, modern gym, you’ll find the friendliest fitness enthusiasts in Bali and the most cutting-edge equipment available. At EliteFit, you can build real muscles while also making new friends.

Main entrance to Elite Fit Bali

The trainers at EliteFit will push you to your limits and motivate you to achieve your goals; the classes themselves are designed and developed by top minds in the field. As a member, you get free access to all classes, and you have to book them in advance.

Elite Fit Bali - gym room, bathroom and other rooms


Sports equipment at Elite Fit Bali

Embark on your fitness adventure with EliteFit Perform right now! You can contact them via WhatsApp if you want an immediate response. Alternatively, you may send them an email or post a message on Instagram. All their contact details can be found on their website, which we have linked above and below.

💸Average price/session at EliteFit: $22

💎Facilities at EliteFit: Sauna, free Wi-Fi, toilets


🌟On Bali Expert Review Score: 10/10

Google Reviews: 4.6/5

⭐Tripadvisor: N/A

🕙Opening hours: 6 am–10 pm


☎️EliteFit phone number: +62 877 767 178 89

Canggu is divided into three distinct neighbourhoods, each with its own cluster of eateries, cafes, and, of course, a gym that people can choose to use. Unfortunately, you might have to look outside your immediate area for the ideal gym in Canggu because they’re relatively spread out. Therefore, it is beneficial to be familiar with both your neighbourhood and the gyms in it.

Another piece of advice is to choose a gym in Canggu that is located near the local shops and restaurants. That way, after your workout, you can simply grab a snack or recovery smoothie bowl or head to a cafe to relax over meals and enjoy the scenery.

Each of Canggu’s three neighbourhoods—Echo Beach, Batu Bolong Beach, and Berawa Beach—offers a unique blend of fitness options and local flavour. You can click on the links provided in the above sections to see about membership for group classes and location if you’re unsure.

5. Obsidian Gym

In Perenanan, there is a new gym called Obsidian. Even though it’s a relative newcomer, you’ve probably heard of it. But if you haven’t seen it yet, you owe it to yourself to do so! They are accommodating to all of your health-related requirements. Is assistance required? Take a moment to chat with one of their amazing trainers; they will push you to your boundaries and teach you things you never knew were possible.

Obsidian Gym - a lot of sports equipment and swimming pool

Take a run while gazing over the paddies, cool off in the ice bath, swim in the pool at sunset, or work up a sweat in the infrared sauna! Join a class and work with a certified personal trainer who can tailor their methods to your specific goals and medical history.


In addition to protein bars, there are energy balls, specialised drinks, puddings, and protein cookies. This is the perfect complement to the setting, the stunning guests, and the helpful staff! After a strenuous workout at one of Obsidian’s Built or Ignite courses, which are sure to test you, they’ll supply the protein boost you need.

💸Average price/session at Obsidian: $16

💎Facilities at Obsidian: Sauna, swimming pool, free Wi-Fi


🌟On Bali Expert Review Score: 8/10

Google Reviews: 4.5/5

⭐Tripadvisor: N/A

🕙Opening hours: 6 am–10 pm


☎️ Obsidian phone number: +62 811 286 118

Expert Opinion about Best Gyms in Canggu

If you don’t want to compromise on your fitness goals even during your stay, then all these gyms have instructors who will guide you through all the types of sessions you might want to do. To make it easy to choose your memberships, we are going to narrow down the list of fitness clubs. How? Having lived in Bali for many, many years, I know the best places for beginners and understand the rates one can expect for Bali MMA, treadmills, and mobility training. So, without further ado, here are the top three places I think you should consider:

Every session at any of these gyms is going to be a lot of fun. You will literally walk away feeling healthy and fulfilled. Tell your instructors what you need and enjoy what the best Canggu gym equipment can do to improve your life!


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