Balispirit Festival

By Putri, 13.12.2023

A group of people doing yoga at Balispirit Festival

One of the highlights of the BaliSpirit Festival is the evening concerts, in which renowned musicians from around the world come together to create a magical atmosphere. The music events feature a diverse range of genres, including traditional Balinese music, world fusion, and contemporary sounds. These concerts provide the perfect opportunity to let loose and dance the night away under the starry Balinese sky.

The festival also hosts a vibrant marketplace, where local artisans and vendors showcase their products. From handmade jewelry to organic skincare products, there is a treasure trove of unique and sustainable items to discover. This is not your average souvenir shopping experience – it is a chance to support local businesses and find one-of-a-kind treasures to bring back home.

The BaliSpirit Festival is more than just a yoga festival; it is a celebration of life, wellness, and community, bringing together people from all walks of life who share a common passion for self-discovery and personal growth. The festival provides a nurturing and supportive environment in which individuals can explore new practices, connect with likeminded others, and find inspiration to live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

If you’re looking for a transformative experience combining yoga, music, and culture, then the BaliSpirit Festival in Ubud is a must-attend event. With its diverse program and welcoming atmosphere, it is no wonder that this festival has become one of the island’s most anticipated annual events. So, pack your yoga mat, open your heart, and get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery at the BaliSpirit Festival.

📆 Date: 12 August 2024
🕙 Time: All day 
🏠 Venue: Yoga Barn Ubud  
📍 Location:
✍🏽 Ticketing:


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