7 Best Restaurants in Kuta 2024

By Putri, 2024.05.14

Looking for the best restaurants in Kuta? From a satisfying breakfast to a memorable lunch in Kuta, this vibrant city has it all. You’ll find everything, from mouthwatering Japanese dishes to tantalising Thai flavours.

Seaside cafés are good, but the best restaurants on Kuta beach are truly the hidden gems of the area. The views are everything, but a pleasant bonus is that these eateries serve some of the most delicious food in Kuta. Still, travellers hungry for a romantic dinner in Kuta will find something very attractive about the vibrant culture, culinary ambiance, and ocean views.

So, stop wondering where to eat in Kuta – we did the job for you by compiling the list of top-notch places that are certainly worth visiting!

People are sitting on terrace in one of the best restaurants in Kuta

1. The Boardwalk Restaurant Bali

You’ll find The Boardwalk Restaurant Bali next to one of Kuta’s stunning beaches. This ocean view restaurant in Bali offers plenty of local and international dishes. If you’re looking for lunch or dinner, then this place will be perfect. They have both indoor seating and an outdoor table arrangement in a beautiful garden setting.

The Boardwalk Restaurant Bali - outdoor places to sit


Their chef, with great expertise, crafts a menu with delicious Mediterranean-inspired dishes. The atmosphere is great any time you visit. During the day, you can enjoy soaking up the sun by the pool and order their garlic bread or salt and pepper squid, or you can visit the beach while enjoying their Prawns Gyoza, or chicken wings. As the sun sets, the atmosphere shifts to a cosy spot to admire the view where you can relax with cocktails and tapas and munch on nachos or potato skins.

Tasty dishes and the evening chill in The Boardwalk Restaurant Bali


With a warm and friendly service, every visit to The Boardwalk Restaurant is a pleasure and ideal for going with your family and friends, particularly with the sun setting and the laid-back island vibe of the town. You can also hold several types of events here, such as birthdays, dates or a wedding in Bali with proper decor and music.

The Boardwalk Restaurant Bali - the terrace on the beach


Detailed info about The Boardwalk Restaurant:

💸 Average price per guest at The Boardwalk Restaurant: US $8

🍽️ Cuisine: American, Indonesian, Balinese

🕙 Opening hours: 10:00 AM – 10:45 PM

❤️ Kid-Friendly, Vegan-Friendly, Gluten-Free Options

🌟 On Bali Expert Review Score: 9/10

Google Reviews: 4.5/5

TripAdvisor: 4.5/5

☎️ Call The Boardwalk Restaurant: +62 823 40015646

📲 Instagram: The Boardwalk Restaurant

2. Riva Bar & Restaurant

The Riva Bar & Restaurant is located within the Kuta Beach Heritage Hotel and offers a range of dishes made from top-notch ingredients. What makes this beachfront restaurant in Bali stand out is that the place is inspired by luxury cruises. So, you’ll have the same experience but on the shore while overlooking the Kuta Beach.

Riva Bar & Restaurant - places for relaxing overlooking the beach


The food scene shows careful selection while also being diverse, with the menu catering to different tastes with a wide range of delicacies from light bites to fine dining. Some of their customer favourites are crispy duck with fragrant rice, chicken satay, and Nasi Goreng while also serving some of the tastiest burgers, pasta, French fries, salads, wraps, eggs, soups, steaks, sides, and dessert options. You can start your day with a hearty breakfast or enjoy a leisurely dinner course while watching the sunset over the bay.

Dishes, staff and interior of Riva Bar & Restaurant


Many factors make it the perfect place to relax and enjoy good food. Whether you’re looking for a place that will make a perfect spot for a wedding or want to hang out with friends, The Riva Bar & Restaurant is one of the best romantic restaurants in Bali with a super chilled ambiance to take a break from the city buzz.

Main hall of Riva Bar & Restaurant


Detailed info about The Riva Bar & Restaurant:

💸 Average price per guest at Riva Bar & Restaurant: US $10

🍽️ Cuisine: Indonesian, International, Seafood

🕙 Opening hours: 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM

❤️ Kid-Friendly, Vegan-Friendly, Gluten-Free Options

🌟 On Bali Expert Review Score: 8/10

Google Reviews: 4.3/5

TripAdvisor: 4.5/5

☎️ Call The Riva Bar & Restaurant: +62 361 3007080

📲 Instagram: Riva Bar & Restaurant

3. Take Japanese Restaurant

Take Japanese Restaurant is famous for being one of the most authentic Japanese restaurants in Bali. Since 1999, the restaurant with Asian cuisine has been serving over 2,500 delicious menu items with every single dish crafted with fresh ingredients and an unmistakable Japanese twist. Every meal is prepared to perfection for the best dining experience because they are led by Mr. Okamoto, a chef with a rich background in Japanese cuisine.

Bar counter of Take Japanese Restaurant with chefs and a visitor


With a teppanyaki kitchen, which means a feast will be prepared right in front of you, Take Japanese Restaurant has some of the tastiest seafood dishes on the island. Their sashimi, sushi, and robatayaki dishes are worth noting for their precise amounts of spices and sauces, the techniques with which they are crafted, and the way they are served. Whether it’s the tuna garlic tataki, hiyashi chuka, or beef teriyaki set, each bite will transport you to the heart of Japan itself.

Tea, Japanese food and all the traditional details of Take Japanese Restaurant


Once you step inside, you’ll find cosy interiors with bamboo tables and a tranquil vibe. No reservation? No problem! They welcome walk-ins, though it’s best to book ahead for busy times. In short, if you are craving some authentic Japanese dishes that have that precise taste and perfect toppings, then Take Japanese Restaurant is a must-visit.

Overview of the main hall of Take Japanese Restaurant without visitors


Detailed info about Take Japanese Restaurant:

💸 Average price per guest at Take Japanese Restaurant: US $7

🍽️ Cuisine: Japanese, Seafood, Sushi

🕙 Opening hours: 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM

❤️ Kid-Friendly, Vegan-Friendly, Gluten-Free Options

🌟 On Bali Expert Review Score: 9/10

Google Reviews: 4.4/5

TripAdvisor: 4/5

☎️ Call Take Japanese Restaurant: +62 361 759745

📲 Instagram: Take Japanese Restaurant

4. Kuta Social Club

Kuta Social Club is a popular rooftop pool club. This seafood restaurant in Bali is a place where fun and flavours blend perfectly. The food here is a tasty fusion of Mediterranean and Balinese cuisines with the dishes being cooked over charcoal for that authentic taste.

Kuta Social Club - rooftop place and the pool


When the sun is shining, you can enjoy some tropical delights like poke bowls and wood-fired pizza while in the evening, it’s all about coastal cuisines. The signature dishes of this rooftop bar in Kuta include charcoal grilled aubergine, charcoal grilled octopus, charcoal-grilled king prawns, mixed seafood platter, and tiramisu. They also have healthy and delicious salads and sides, which are made with hand-picked organic vegetables.

The stylish furniture and tasty dishes in Kuta Social Club


The air is relaxed and lively, and you can find guests lounging by the water and sipping on wine or drinks while taking in the stunning views ahead. The staff are friendly and speak fluent English, making everyone feel welcome and an ideal spot for celebrations or meeting up with friends. If you’re planning to visit, make sure to make reservations in advance.

Kuta Social Club - bar counter with drinks and fashionable chairs


Detailed info about Kuta Social Club:

💸 Average price per guest at Kuta Social Club: US $7

🍽️ Cuisine: Mediterranean, Asian, Bar

🕙 Opening hours: 7:00 AM – 12.00 AM

❤️ Vegan-Friendly

🌟 On Bali Expert Review Score: 10/10

Google Reviews: 4.5/5

TripAdvisor: 5/5

☎️ Call Kuta Social Club: +62 361 8496500

📲 Instagram: Kuta Social Club

5. Daily Social Bali

Daily Social Bali is a top spot for eating and chilling by the pool with a view of Kuta Beach. This seafood restaurant in Bali is all about good food and good times. The place is set up with six cooking areas offering all sorts of tasty dishes.

Sign with the name on the building of Daily Social Bali


You’ve got your pastries, Asian flavors, fresh seafood, pastas, and more choices, with Executive Chef Rangga Safari and his team making sure there’s something for everyone. The vibe is casual and welcoming, with a design that fits the beach area with earthy tones and blue colours that match the sea. This restaurant in Kuta is the perfect hangout for friends, family, and anyone looking for a good time.

Seafood menu and the interior of Daily Social Bali restaurant


Daily Social Bali is about bringing people together and has got you covered, whether it’s casual meals or special occasions. So, if you’re in Kuta, make sure to stop by for a tasty brunch or dinner at the eatery because you won’t be disappointed with the array of meals on the menus!

Cooking process in the Daily Social Bali restaurant


Detailed info about Daily Social:

💸 Average price per guest at Daily Social Bali: US $8

🍽️ Cuisine: International, Indonesian, Indian, Italian

🕙 Opening hours: 06:30 AM – 11:00 PM

❤️ Kid-Friendly, Vegan-Friendly, Gluten-Free Options

🌟 On Bali Expert Review Score: 10/10

Google Reviews: 4.7/5

TripAdvisor: 5/5

☎️ Call Daily Social Bali: +62 811 38001188

📲 Instagram: Daily Social Bali

6. Flavours Restaurant

Flavours Restaurant Kuta is just five minutes from Bali airport. Their food ranges from traditional Indonesian to Western favourites. With a nice and comfortable indoor spot with AC, good lighting, and an outdoor seating area, too, it’s a quality choice for hanging out with friends and family.

Flavours Restaurant - the main room with self-service


Flavours Restaurant Kuta has all sorts of things on the menu, from classic Indonesian dishes, WEstern cuisine, to pasta and grills. Some of their tastiest dishes you must try are the rissoles, tuna salad sandwich, spaghetti bolognese Nasi Goreng, and Sop Buntut while in sweets, you can go for a banana split, Pisang Goreng, fresh fruit juices, and other drinks. The vibe is great, with the delicious smell of freshly brewed coffee filling the air, and if you’re too comfy in your room, you can even order in until 11 PM.

Coffee, cocktails and delicious food in Flavours Restaurant


Overall, Flavours Restaurant is a top café for visitors wanting to taste a bit of everything, from local Indonesian cuisine to familiar Western favorites. This is one of the best restaurants in Kuta, recommended by me if you want to grab a bite after a day of exploring Bali.

Flavours Restaurant - self-service tea counter


Detailed info about Flavours Restaurant:

💸 Average price per guest at Flavours Restaurant: US $5

🍽️ Cuisine: Italian, European, Asian, Indonesian

🕙 Opening hours: 07:00 AM – 11:00 PM

❤️ Kid-Friendly, Vegan-Friendly

🌟 On Bali Expert Review Score: 7/10

Google Reviews: 3.7/5

TripAdvisor: 3.5/5

☎️ Call Flavours Restaurant: +62 361 8469770

📲 Instagram: Flavours Restaurant Kuta

7. Lemongrass Thai

Nestled along Melasti Street in Legian, Lemongrass Thai Restaurant is a local gem popular for its mouthwatering specialities and warm hospitality. Owned and operated by a Balinese woman since 2001, it is one of the most comfortable restaurants in Kuta where families and friends gather to enjoy authentic Thai dishes.

Lemongrass Thai Restaurant - the open view from the street


The chefs at this Thai restaurant in Bali craft the recipes using locally sourced ingredients. There is freshness with every bite – from aromatic curries to zesty salads, there’s a variety of options to please every palate. Don’t miss out on the tantalising array of meats and seafood expertly prepared to satisfy your cravings and, for a refreshing treat, indulge in one of their signature smoothies or drink, perfect for cooling off on a hot day.

Exotic food and drinks and traditional interior details in Lemongrass Thai


Step inside and feel the laid-back mood wash over you as you choose from open-air or air-conditioned seating. The friendly staff welcomes guests of all ages with a menu that caters to kids and adults alike.

Stylish interior with Asian motifs in the main room of Lemongrass Thai


Detailed info about Lemongrass Thai:

💸 Average price per guest at Lemongrass Thai: US $7

🍽️ Cuisine: Asian, Thai

🕙 Opening hours: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM

❤️ Kid-Friendly, Vegan-Friendly

🌟 On Bali Expert Review Score: 10/10

Google Reviews: 4.6/5

TripAdvisor: 4/5

☎️ Call Lemongrass Thai: +62 813 38743366

📲 Instagram: Lemongrass Thai

Wrapping this up, we can say that when you’re talking about nightlife, good food, and great views, then Kuta, Bali, is where it’s at. You get to experience so many aspects simultaneously because there is no shortage of locations to grab a bite. So, you can relax by the water and munch on nachos or explore the region’s natural beauty while enjoying street food from a warung. Moreover, you get to taste a bit of everything, from Europe to Asia, right here in Kuta!

Expert Opinion About the Best Restaurants in Kuta

Congratulation! You have discovered some of the best restaurants in Kuta and that was a delightful journey, wasn’t it? With so many amazing eateries, we can all agree that you’ll never be short of where to eat in Kuta. I really hope you liked some of the options I analysed and gave you information about. As a true foodie, I believe that every breakfast, lunch or dinner in Kuta has to be perfect – just like your vacation.

The places I would name the best restaurants on Kuta beach are:

The best aspect about getting food in Kuta is the availability at all times and the variety. So, if you are looking for some healthy breakfast in Kuta, a wholesome lunchwith your family, or a fun-filled dinner with your friends, the options are endless. The drinks are flowing, the prices are reasonable, and there’s celebration in the air. So, whether you’re travelling solo or with friends, Kuta is the ultimate option for your next food adventure.

Enjoy food in Kuta, Bali!


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