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Date of Last Update: May 20, 2024

About Me

Hey there! I am the guide and author of the project On Bali. More than 10 years ago, I used to live in a busy Jakarta but then decided to leave it and stay in a new place.

Bali wasn’t meant to become a new home at first, but even a quick trip there was enough to change my roadmap. Everything about the island was dear to my heart. This is how my love affair with Bali began, and it’s unlikely to end.

Small Things That Inspire

Even before moving to Bali, I enjoyed art in all shapes and sizes – music, pictures, and literature. Today, I can call myself a free-minded artist who transforms their inner energy into writing. However, you still can spot me playing the guitar or painting yet another landscape. Imagination, freedom, and self-expression — these are the values that made my life blossom.

One of my greatest fascinations is culture – and that fateful trip to Bali gave me some rich cultural and historical material to study. Balinese traditions, along with the island’s religious and spiritual rituals, have ancient roots. It has its own kind of logic and shows the world in a new perspective. This inspiration led me to help others use all the new information that I learned along this path.

Reading Minds

The On Bali project has a little secret inspired by my hobbies. Our articles contain a visual code generated by AI. For each category, we have a different code. Whenever a person is looking for an answer, the solution comes from me and the AI collaboration.

Places like Bali have a special kind of power or energy, and it feels like a living creature. Having spent more than 10 years in Bali, I understand these energy flows and respond to them. You may not know it, but your question is already answered the moment you click on the heading On Bali.

Culture Code

Speaking of codes, having Indonesian ancestors, I understand the local cultural code. The respect for this unique concept transforms into the desire to share it with others.

This is why I am not afraid to confess I am really good at giving people the right answers – whether online or offline. I feel the nature of a request and recommend places that will satisfy the questioner.

I also understand that people are looking for different things – some come for retreats, some – for gastronomic adventures, some for wild parties, and some for a place to restart life.

I genuinely strive to connect with everyone who wants to have quality time on the island. Responding to the needs of many travellers, I came up with the On Bali project.

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