Chapter One. Bali’s Calling

Chapter One. Bali’s Calling

The story began with a little trip to Bali back in 2013.

Soon after this, I decided to leave behind my life in Jakarta, my native city.

In the run-up to their move, things just wouldn’t go to plan, as if it was a hint that I had to take a step forward.

At this moment in my life, I was feeling lost. At the same time, I had a premonition that all the changes would be for the better.

But where to start a new life?

Bali, a mysterious and authentic island between two oceans, suddenly seemed like a good option. At least a quick trip there wouldn’t hurt. Soon, I doubted no more and moved there.

Chapter Two. Metamorphoses

The profile of a tourist against the background of the beach in Bali

Life on the island had a curious effect on me: the place seemed alive, and I understood all my worries and desires. I felt I was in the right place at the right time and decided to stay.

Slowly, the spiritual ambience of the island, its rich culture, and paradise nature healed my soul. The deep joy of being there and my calm heart and mind formed the perfect foundation for a new life!

I say calm, but I never mean “indifferent.” On the contrary – my heart was responsive to everything that happened around me.

And indeed, SOMETHING was happening there. 

Bali, once a quiet island, started to grow. To my surprise, I was changing too, as if captured by this ancient island energy. And I noticed how the other newcomers who stayed on the island were changing alongside me.

Chapter Three. The Project

Balinese women having fun on the street in Bali.

More people kept arriving on the island, probably also following the call that I responded to in 2013.

But soon, I realised that many travellers were puzzled: how could they absorb all the Balinese beauty in a limited time?

What are the authentic elements of Bali, and what is just a marketing trap?

Luckily, I had lived long enough on the island to recall everything I had heard from the tourist community. All their opinions, worries, and recollections became fuel for launching a new project.

All of a sudden, it clicked – I should create a resource with all the most essential information about Bali!

Their fellow travellers would know for sure where to go, depending on what they were looking for – spiritual guidance, natural wonders, vibrant nightlife, or culture.

The best holiday they had ever had would be in Bali! It would be something that they would want to repeat, and they would return over and over again.

Project Values

An Indonesian man is showing children the Balinese ritual.

Why Do We Do It?

The man from ON Bali project is taking the photo on a smartphone

It’s our desire to show newcomers to Bali all the best and most precious things the island has to offer.

It’s crucial for us to share places that people will find safe.

We want to make Bali even more popular and speak out loud about its unique culture.

Who’s Behind On Bali?

The team of ON Bali Project on the beach.

On Bali is a project run by a team of dedicated travellers and Bali worshippers.

As you know, recently, many people have shifted to remote work. Even though we run a digital project, there is no question of leaving the island.

Our core value is to stay in Bali, feel its heartbeat, and know what’s going on. We share the information, and we take responsibility for it. Staying on the island is the best way to be in touch with the tourist community and give it whatever it needs.

Being seasoned travellers, we know how important it is to be informed and guided by the right people.