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Do you need to relax and you think about Best Spa in Canggu? Don’t worry about it, ladies and gentlemen. Naturally, world-class spas have emerged in response to the fact that Canggu is now firmly established on the itinerary of every globetrotter. Not only is this location home to a multitude of exquisite day spas, chic salons, and innovative beauty treatments, but it is also home to some of the best-known names in the spa industry in Bali. Here is our top list of the five best spas in Canggu, where you can turn up, tune out, and unwind your mind, body, and soul in Bali’s bohemian neighbourhood. This list is intended to direct you towards your next well-deserved pampering session.

List of The Best Spa in Canggu :

Woman lies and smiles during massage

1. MUKA Concepts

The rich Balinese nature, religion, and traditions deeply inspire Muka Concepts. Their goal is to integrate and embrace the local culture, practising and creating sustainable principles.

Pipette with essential oil

The skincare products are made from locally sourced herbs, spices, and butters processed to preserve their potency and vibrancy. Their clothing collections are crafted from natural textiles produced locally, ensuring comfort in tropical climates. Muka Concepts works closely with a Balinese tailor family to bring their projects to life.

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Their journey is more than just a business; it’s a lifelong path of learning to trust and let go of control, mirroring the beliefs of the Balinese people.

💸Average price at MUKA Concepts: $45


🌟On Bali Expert Review Score: 10/10

⭐Google Reviews: 4/5

🕙Opening hours: 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM


☎️MUKA Concepts phone number: +62 877 617 809 50

2. Jamu Spa

This location introduces a fresh concept for sacred Bali spa treatments, where modernity and tradition come together to provide exceptional service.

Table with supplies necessary for spa treatments

This atmosphere is friendly to the environment and provides raw, fresh, and pure organic oils, butters, powders, and spices, as well as a wide variety of holistic and traditional massages, tailor-made massage beds that are described like “falling into a cloud,” signature brand home scents, and body products.

Jamu Spa collage of photos

Soft beds with pillows at Jamu Spa


They have extensive selections of oils, and after the treatment, you will be given a complimentary cup of tea. The massages are really fantastic, and the therapist is very well-qualified.

💸Average price at Jamu Spa: $21


🌟On Bali Expert Review Score: 8/10

⭐Google Reviews: 4.4/5

Tripadvisor: 5/5

🕙Opening hours: 11.00 AM – 10.00 PM


☎️Jamu Spa phone number: +62 819 051 091 09

3. Espace Spa

This place offers body treatments that are authentic based on science, fine art, and traditions.

Main entrance to Espace Spa

In June of 2002, in response to the increased demand for luxury spa services, Espace Spa was incorporated as a business and opened its doors. The recuperative power of the body is stimulated by these therapies, which also improve the potential therapeutic effects of your vacation break.

Espace Spa collage of photos

Interior of Espace Spa


You may rest assured that the treatment you receive from the cheerful and self-assured team will be calming, revitalising, and excellent value for money!

💸Average price at Espace Spa: $30


🌟On Bali Expert Review Score: 8/10

Google Reviews: 4.5/5

Tripadvisor: 4/5

🕙Opening hours: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


☎️Espace Spa phone number: +62 811 389 04 42

4. Goldust Beauty Lounge

The meticulous pampering of guests is the primary focus of the Goldlust Beauty Lounge. The goal is to provide the clients with the most effective methods, atmosphere, and products that will foster a state of relaxation and allow them to derive the greatest possible therapeutic advantages from the treatments they receive.

Group of girlfriends during spa treatments

By providing each recipient with the one-of-a-kind 24K GOLD facial, which contains anti-ageing, collagen-boosting, skin tightening, and enlightening characteristics, GOLDUST gives them the opportunity to actually feel like they are made of gold! When compared to the enormous number of other spas in Canggu, Bali, GOLDUST stands out because of its innovative approach to beauty, exceptional service, spa lounge setting that includes a resort wear boutique, and, of course, its one-of-a-kind 24K GOLD facial. Being transported from a bustling beach hub to a cool and peaceful retreat is made possible by the reception, which is both warm and helpful.

Goldust Beauty Lounge collage of photos

Woman with flower behind ear enjoying massage


While you are here, you will be able to take advantage of fashionable resort apparel, as well as a stunning assortment of jewellery and wonderful body care products, all while being surrounded by white wooden walls and a tiled floor that is refreshing. The staff at the front desk, who are all fluent in English, is ready to provide you with advice and organise your appointments.

💸Average price at Goldlust Beauty Lounge: $18


🌟On Bali Expert Review Score: 10/10

Google Reviews: 4.6/5

Tripadvisor: 5/5

🕙Opening hours: 10 AM–8 PM


☎️Goldlust Beauty Lounge phone number: +62 811 383 721

5. Spring Spa

An artistically constructed day spa can be found in Batu Bolong, which is the most happening neighbourhood in Canggu and is considered to be the exciting epicentre of the island.

Spring Spa courtyard with jacuzzi

This contemporary brand’s debut establishes a new standard for luxury spas in the region, which is rapidly transforming from a bohemian hideaway into a tropical playground for jet setters. The spas in this region are becoming increasingly popular. According to Ina Bajaj, a New Zealand businesswoman, this is the third prestigious lifestyle spa that she has created in Bali. Her goal is to provide the highest quality of beauty and wellness services in an atmosphere that is both happy and tranquil. Guests of the Spring Spa Canggu will be treated to elegantly designed interiors, soothing island music, a fully stocked health bar, and an extensive treatment menu that offers a wide range of procedures.

Spring Spa collage of photos


These services range from quick beauty touch-ups in complete privacy to complete mind and body rejuvenation packages. In order to provide extraordinary experiences, the technicians at Spring Spa have received training in both contemporary and traditional forms of therapy, as well as in the most advanced hygiene and treatment protocols in the world.

💸Average price: at Spring Spa: $30


🌟On Bali Expert Review Score: 9/10

Google Reviews: 4.3/5

Tripadvisor: 4.5/5

🕙Opening hours: 9 AM–8 PM


☎️Spring Spa зhone number: +62 853 384 475 00

After spending the day exploring the island of Bali, there is nothing more satisfying than unwinding in a deluxe spa that features breathtaking scenery, stunning architecture, and an atmosphere that is just right.

Canggu has emerged as one of the most important tourist zones on the island of Bali in recent years. It is highly well-liked by those who are travelling for short periods of time, as well as digital nomads and expats.

Canggu is home to a number of remarkable spas and salons that have opened their doors as a result of the large number of tourists who visit the region. Both Canggu inhabitants and tourists have access to spa treatments of the highest calibre at prices that are simply unbeatable.

You have seen the most reputable spas in Canggu that offer cosmetic treatments, saunas, and massages, along with aromatherapy, Pilates, manicures, pedicures, yoga healing, and more! If you want your Balinese massage done right, then you should find your way to one of the five spots mentioned above!

Expert Opinion about Best Spa in Canggu

As I have lived in Bali for a long time, I can make your search easier! Below, I will point out three of the top places where you can find everything: top-notch amenities and therapists, food nearby, and the ease of booking an appointment. Without any delay, they are:

If you want a proper spa treatment, you will not find a better place than those listed above!


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