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By Catur, 2024.04.04

Is it possible to find the best spas in Canggu? The answer is absolutely. Whether you’re looking for a full body massage or simply want nail art because you have an important event to attend, Canggu offers a range of massages and sauna centers that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Choosing out of numerous nail salons and beauty and wellness spas in Canggu to find the right one for you can be exhausting. This guide was created to help you find the great places, so all you have to do is make a reservation. Many of these spas offer different types of massage, including their signature massages. They also offer bespoke treatments that tailor the massage according to your areas of concern. Most of them use cruelty-free and non-toxic spa products to provide sustainable treatments.

These are the five best Canggu spas and salons for any beauty treatments to keep your mind, body, and soul feeling re-energized and balanced.

List of The Best Spa in Canggu :

Woman is lying and smiling in one of the Best Spa in Canggu

1. MUKA Concepts

MUKA Concepts is more than just the average place for the massage to ease muscle tension. Aside from focusing on facial treatment, they also have a clothing store and beauty products in the exact location. Their principle is to combine Balinese tradition, religion, and nature into their products and treatments.

Pipette with essential oil for facial treatment from MUKA Concepts


MUKA Concepts - face and body skin care products

The beauty products from MUKA Concepts, such as their sea salt scrub and mud mask, are cruelty-free and made from natural ingredients. The fabrics of their clothing collections are locally sourced and adapted to fit Bali’s tropical climate. Muka Concepts works closely with a Balinese tailor family to bring their projects to life.

If you simply need a spa faceday, the heading to MUKA Concepts should be your first option. Your face will thank you, I promise!

Details about MUKA Concepts

💸Average price at MUKA Concepts: $45

🌟ONBALI Expert Review Score: 10/10

Google Reviews: 4/5

🕙 Muka Concepts opening hours: 9 AM – 5 PM

✍🏽 Booking: MUKA Concepts

☎️ Call MUKA Concepts: +62 877 617 809 50

📲 Instagram: MUKA Concepts

2. Jamu Spa

Enjoying a day at Jamu Spa as your way to pamper yourself will leave you wanting more. Among many of their treatments, you should try the signature facial, where the therapists will clean, moisturize, and hydrate your face using traditional Balinese techniques and natural products. You can also choose other treatments, including deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage technique massage, and foot massage.

Jamu Spa - table with supplies necessary for spa treatments


Jamu Spa - details of spa procedure

Soft beds with pillows at Jamu Spa

This atmosphere is friendly to the environment and provides raw, fresh, and pure organic oils and butter, a wide variety of holistic and traditional massages, tailor-made massage beds that are described as “falling into a cloud,” signature brand home scents, and body products.

They have extensive selections of oils, and after the treatment, you will be given a complimentary cup of tea. The massages are really fantastic, and the therapist is very well-qualified.

Details about Jamu Spa

💸 Average price at Jamu Spa: $21

🌟 ONBALI Expert Review Score: 8/10

Google Reviews: 4.4/5 

⭐ Tripadvisor: 5/5

🕙 Jamu Spa opening hours: 11.00 AM – 10.00 PM

✍🏽 Booking: Jamu Spa

☎️ Call Jamu Spa: +62 819 051 091 09

📲 Instagram: Jamu Spa

3. Espace Spa

With the tagline “The fine art of massage and body treatments”, Espace Spa strives to combine science, fine art, and traditions in all their spa services, combining Western and Eastern therapies. Founded in 2002, Espace Spa offers various treatments, including aromatherapy therapeutic massage, using their spa’s signature essential oils of lavender, orange, ylang-ylang, and lemon. Espace Spa is one of Canggu’s most legendary spas in the area.

Main entrance to Espace Spa


Espace Spa - interior and exterior details

Waiting room with sofas in Espace Spa

Aside from aromatherapy therapeutic massage, Espace Spa also offers manicures and pedicures, and their signature chair massage as a quick tension relief in the neck, shoulders, and upper back as this treatment is only 30 minutes. Their team of local beauticians and therapists will take care of your needs to relax and rejuvenate.

Having a spa day at Espace Spa is worth your time, as you will love this place and its treatments.

Details about Espace Spa

💸 Average price at Espace Spa: $30

🌟 ONBALI Expert Review Score: 8/10

⭐ Google Reviews: 4.5/5

⭐ Tripadvisor: 4/5

🕙 Espace Spa opening hours: 10 AM – 9 PM

✍🏽 Booking: Espace Spa

☎️ Call Espace Spa: +62 811 389 04 42

📲 Instagram: Espace Spa

4. Goldust Spa

Have you ever wondered how it feels to have a gold facial treatment? Then Goldust Spa is your place to experience the glow after being pampered with a 24K Gold facial, exclusive to Goldust Spa, and you will not find anywhere else in Bali. Their skincare range is also formulated by combining nature and modern science.

Group of girlfriends during spa treatments in Goldust Spa


Goldust Spa - washing and skin care process

Woman is enjoying the head massage in Goldust Spa

Goldust Spa has an array of treatments that you can choose from. Do you want to have spa parties with your girls? They offer several packages, perfect for your birthday or bachelorette party. They also have lash and brows treatment, LED Light Therapy, nail treatment, and different types of massages, from head & shoulders to the Goldust ultimate massage.

Goldust Spa prides itself on providing the most luxurious, bespoke facial treatments in Bali. Your day spa at Goldust Spa with the experience you want when visiting Canggu.

Details of Goldust Spa

💸 Average price at Goldust Spa: $18

🌟 ONBALI Expert Review Score: 10/10

⭐ Google Reviews: 4.6/5

 Tripadvisor: 5/5

🕙 Goldust Spa opening hours: 10 AM – 8 PM

✍🏽 Booking: Goldust Spa

☎️ Call Goldlust Spa: +62 811 383 721

📲 Instagram: Goldust Spa

5. Spring Spa

With four locations in Bali (Petitenget, Canggu, Nusa Lembongan, and Seminyak) and in New Zealand, Spring Spa has established itself as one of the prominent players in the wellness industry in Bali. Brought by Ina Bajaj, Spring Spa delivers the ancient eastern wisdom of Bali techniques to meet modern technologies in a minimalist and tranquil environment.

Spring Spa courtyard with jacuzzi


Spring Spa - stone massage and interior details of the salon

Guests of Canggu will be treated to elegantly designed interiors, soothing island music, a fully stocked health bar, and an extensive treatment menu that offers a wide range of procedures. To provide extraordinary experiences, the technicians at Spring Spa have received training in both contemporary and traditional forms of therapy, as well as in the most advanced hygiene and treatment protocols in the world.

You will leave feeling refreshed after taking a day spa at Spring Spa. If you want to experience a luxury facial or Balinese massage, heading to Spring Spa is the perfect choice for rejuvenation.

Details of Spring Spa

💸 Average price: at Spring Spa: $30

🌟 ONBALI Expert Review Score: 9/10

⭐ Google Reviews: 4.3/5

⭐ Tripadvisor: 4.5/5

🕙 Spring Spa opening hours: 9 AM – 9 PM

✍🏽 Booking: Spring Spa

☎️ Call Spring Spa: +62 853 384 475 00

📲 Instagram: Spring Spa

Expert Opinion about Best Spa in Canggu

As someone who has lived in Bali for over ten years, finding the best spas in Canggu felt like a personal mission. Canggu is now becoming the hub for expats, digital nomads, and tourists alike for its proximity to the beach and various selections of restaurants, bars, and wellness centers. Each spa has its signature treatments, but it doesn’t matter whether you want to get a hot stone massage, deep tissue bamboo massage, paint your nails, or try Epsom salt baths or saltwater ice baths, Canggu has got you covered.

Out of the five spas I mentioned above, here are three of my favorite places:

Espace Spa, Goldust Spa, Spring Spa

After spending the day exploring Bali, there is nothing more satisfying than unwinding in a deluxe spa that features skillful therapists, cruelty-free beauty products, and a calm environment. Those three places offer various signature spa treatments while at the same time combining Bali’s traditional wisdom and modern technologies.

Whichever spa you decide to go to, you will be guaranteed a day of realigning your mind, body, and soul with the best spa that Canggu has to offer.


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