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Bali is a paradise everyone knows for its beautiful beaches and stunning views. But did you know this is also a tremendous gastronomic empire for foodies everywhere? Thanks to the vibrant tourism in this part of the country, a lot of attention is paid to the Indonesian food scene.

Are you looking for European, Japanese, Thai, Mexican, Latin American, Indian, Chinese, Mediterranean, or something local? Tropical plants, spices, fruit, and vegetables are used in every dish and cuisine. Find every hidden gem within the city and beyond in our list of the best restaurants to take your friends and family to.

List of the Best Restaurants in Bali

Interior in the Best Restaurant in Bali
  • 1. Seminyak

    Merah Putih

    If you’re looking for a decent food selection of Indonesian food, Merah Putih is a venue in the region that is highly popular with locals. Having been around for a while, it has a great hand in building the culinary history of the place. And even as many other types of cuisines have appeared over time, the reputation of this place has remained intact. It uses the recipes of the archipelago, which’ve been passed down for generations, using local cooking techniques. This means diners get a taste of the history and evolution of Indonesian cuisine.

    All entrees, mains, and sweets are worth the taste. So, to have a bite of everything, go for their tasting menu. Blend it with the Flavours of Indonesia cocktail flight, and you’ll get what can only be described as art in your mouth.

    Detailed info about Merah Putih: 

    💸 Average price: US $18

    📍 Location: Jalan Petitenget.100X Kerobokan Kelod, Seminyak, Kec. Kuta Utara, Bali 80361

    ⭐ Reviews: 9/10

    🚘 Services: dine-in, takeaway, delivery

    🕙 Opening hours: 12.00 pm–12.00 am

    ✍🏽 Booking: www.merahputihbali.com

    ☎️ Phone number: (0361) 8465950

  • 2. Canggu


    Canggu’s Sa’Mesa gives you something more than a table where you can wine and dine.From the moment you enter the door to the smallest details of the decor, it is evident how this Italian restaurant was created to exude an atmosphere that exudes luxury.But what makes it truly unique is the flair that it adds to the dining experience. Every dinner is a show that ends with serving 15 to 20 select dishes. You’ll see just how much passion the chef has for creating every course of the meal.

    But besides the great food and the spectacular dining experience, this spot offers what it’s like to be a local. If you want a truly authentic experience, go for the street food. Sa’Mesa provides the next best thing – sharing the table with the chef. You’ll feel like you’re part of the neighbourhood because you get to visit the chef’s house. The cosy atmosphere of being in someone’s home in a Balinese neighbourhood adds to the appeal.

    If you want to experience what it’s like to have this fantastic dining experience, secure your reservations in advance. The demand for their scrumptious meals is high, so they can’t guarantee tables for walk-in guests.

    Detailed info about Sa’Mesa: 

    💸 Average price: US $20

    📍 Location: Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80351

    ⭐ Reviews: 9/10

    🚘 Services: dine-in, takeaway, delivery

    🕙 Opening hours: 5.00 pm–11.00 pm

    ✍🏽 Booking: www.samesabali.com

    ☎️ Phone number: (0813) 53035411

    Skool Kitchen

    Innovation is the name of the game, and Skool Kitchen is winning. Despite using old-school techniques to cook all the items on their menu, the chefs of this restaurant are still able to introduce new flavours that foodies from all over the globe have quickly come to love.

    What makes them a hit is the use of wood and charcoal for cooking. The result? The tables are getting filled left and right!Whether you’re looking for simple chicken or fish or something exquisite like lobster, Skool Kitchen will do it perfectly. The culinary experience of their chefs reflects on the quality of their drinks as well. Each glass is concocted to pair with a Balinese experience, whether letting the magic of the tropical sun seep into your pores or relaxing with a lush garden in view.

    Detailed info about Skool Kitchen: 

    💸 Average price: US $18

    📍 Location: Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

    ⭐ Reviews: 9/10

    🚘 Services: dine-in, takeaway

    🕙 Opening hours: 5.00 pm–12.00 am

    ✍🏽 Booking: www.skoolkitchen.co

    ☎️ Phone number: (0811) 38004952

  • 3. Jimbaran & Nusa Dua


    Kayuputi, located in Bali, is an award-winning restaurant known for its exceptional menu and wine list. It’s right by the beachfront at The St. Resort Regis, Bali, a fancy hotel in Nusa Dua.

    Indulge in a luxurious and sophisticated dinner showcasing exquisite Asian dishes and a variety of top-quality wines. The landscapes of the Indian Ocean are amazing, too. Elegant and exceptional at affordable prices, Kayuputi is a great restaurant for brunch, lunch, snacks, and dinner. Speaking of brunches, their Sunday brunch is known all around the globe. So, if you plan to have Nusa Dua as one of your holiday trips to Bali, make sure to get your reservation because this spot is busy no matter the season.

    Detailed info about Kayuputi:

    💸 Average price: US $18

    📍 Location: Kawasan Pariwisata, Nusa Dua, Badung Regency, Bali 80363

    ⭐ Reviews: 9/10

    🚘 Services: dine-in, takeaway, delivery

    🕙 Opening hours: 12.30 pm–11.30 pm

    ✍🏽 Booking: www.kayuputibali.com

    ☎️ Phone number: (0361) 3006786


    Koral is a haven for people passionate about the beach and delicious cuisine. Fancy dining on the best seafood while admiring the underwater view of the ocean is exactly what you can do at Apurva Kempinski’s Koral Restaurant. Fresh, seasonal dishes are served in various options on their menu as part of a luxurious dining experience, alongside an underwater dining concept where you can admire beautiful coral formations and colourful fish and marine life. It’s a tasty and lovely treat if you’re trying to widen your range of experience in the culinary sphere.

    Detailed info about Koral:

    💸 Average price: US $20

    📍 Location: Jl. Raya Nusa Dua Selatan, Sawangan, Nusa Dua, Kabupaten Badung, Bali

    ⭐ Reviews: 9/10

    🚘 Services: dine-in, takeaway

    🕙 Opening hours: 12.00 pm–10.30 pm

    ✍🏽 Booking: www.kempinski.com

    ☎️ Phone number: (0361) 2092288

  • 4. Uluwatu

    The Cave at The Edge

    This is for individuals who have a genuine passion for interesting food concepts. The Cave at The Edge is a unique fine dining restaurant experience for foodies located inside an ancient cave.

    The fabulous Chef Ryan Clift, who owns the award-winning Tippling Club in Singapore, created each dish on the menu. This makes this new eatery essentially a sister restaurant of that famous spot! However, this one is situated below ground level and is a sure hit for foodies who love privacy, as the place can only accommodate 22 seats. Indulge in a seven-course meal of new-age dishes, where everything from the entrée to the desserts will result in your complete satisfaction.

    Giving you a unique perspective of Bali, far from a beach or cliff, it takes in the breathtaking view of rock formations. You can pair your plates with cocktails or something from their wine list. But it’s not mandatory, although the combination of their food and drink is recommended.

    Detailed info about The Cave at The Edge:

    💸 Average price: US $20

    📍 Location: Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

    ⭐ Reviews: 9/10

    🚘 Services: dine-in, takeaway

    🕙 Opening hours: 12.30 pm–10.30 pm

    ✍🏽 Booking: www.thecavebali.com

    ☎️ Phone number: (0361) 8470700


    Taking inspiration from various cuisines in Asia, AKASA gives you the chance to have plates that show the best of the continent. Located at Jumeirah in Bali, this space boasts plenty of beautiful views that you can enjoy with Asian fusion dishes. This restaurant is right by the cliff so that the foodie in you can dine while being in touch with land, sky, and sea.

    All the beautiful furnishings also help you focus on the culinary experience and your date, making it perfect for romantic fine dining. If you or your family have booked in Uluwatu, this is a great addition to the vast array of experiences the location offers. Just head to the top floor and eat to your heart’s content!

    Detailed info about AKASA:

    💸 Average price: US $18

    📍 Location: Raya Uluwatu Street, Pecatu, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali

    ⭐ Reviews: 9/10

    🚘 Services: dine-in, takeaway

    🕙 Opening hours: 5.00 pm–11.00 pm

    ✍🏽 Booking: www.jumeirah.com

    ☎️ Phone number: (0361) 2015000

  • 5. Ubud

    Mozaic Gastronomic Restaurant

    Delicious meals by food artisans, lively ambience paired with beautiful interior lighting, and an interactive dining concept: thanks to the amazing team behind Mozaic Gastronomic Restaurant, you get all these. They have satisfied foodies around the globe through the combination of local and international culinary elements that deliver a unique flair to their menus. The fresh and delicious meat products and produce from farmers and fishers of Bali combined with French-style cooking are a good recipe for success!

    If you’re a vegetarian, the two-tasting menus, where ingredients are generally fruits, vegetables, and other edible plants, will be worth the try. After dining, check out their wine list at The Tasting Room to savour a glass of a delicious drink. What makes this unique is it combines the lounge, dining room, and bar in one place. And if you appreciate great interior design with the mouthwatering aromas from the meat, herbs, and spices, the Chef’s Table will deliver an interactive cooking experience.

    Detailed info about Mozaic Gastronomic Restaurant:

    💸 Average price: US $22

    📍 Location: Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

    ⭐ Reviews: 9/10

    🚘 Services: dine-in

    🕙 Opening hours: 12.00 pm–12.30 am

    ✍🏽 Booking: www.mozaic-bali.com

    ☎️ Phone number: (0821) 47235550

    Kubu at Mandapa

    If you’re looking for fine dining, Kubu at Mandapa is considered the best site on the Balinese map. Located in the middle of nature, it offers sophisticated amenities made even more special as you enjoy the soothing breeze sounds in the area, thanks to the nearby river.

    Do you like Mediterranean and European dishes? This dining restaurant offers this, from the entrée to the salads and the desserts. Apart from the unique flavours, all plates are perfect for Instagram, too, so you can immortalize the experience. This is highly recommended if you’re looking for a spot to have a romantic date night. But even alone or with family, diners are sure to appreciate the level of attention they put on the meal’s courses!

    Detailed info about Kubu at Mandapa:

    💸 Average price: US $18

    📍 Location: Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

    ⭐ Reviews: 9/10

    🚘 Services: dine-in, takeaway

    🕙 Opening hours: 6.00 pm–11.00 pm

    ✍🏽 Booking: www.ritzcarlton.com

    ☎️ Phone number: (0361) 4792777

Expert Opinion

I have been living in Bali for ten years and can attest that this beautiful island has everything you need for your holiday and, in general, as a human being. Tourists make the most of the wonderful nature, culinary delights, and nightlife! Bali is an island that has its own culture but also blends with other cultures. As you can see, Bali is home to a great deal of local and international cuisine that friends, families, couples, and every foodie in between will enjoy with real passion. For me, the food here is one of the best parts that visitors will love.

There are always hotels like Potato Head where you can easily access cafes, bars, and restaurants. But even if you’re in Bali just for a day, a great dining experience is still within your reach. These are what I consider to be the foundations of Bali’s culinary empire:

Sijin Bali, Sa’Mesa, Koral, and Merah Putih

If you’re looking for satisfying culinary adventures for every occasion, these choices won’t disappoint. Many of them offer different kinds of meats and vegetables, so there’s always something that you can take a bite of. These restaurants are a huge success much because of the authentic taste that you get with each plate and drink. They have created world-famous favourites as a result of using the highest-quality ingredients from local farmers and fishers. If you enjoy a glass of wine, these places also have something great that you can pair with any kind of meat.There are also great drinks that you can enjoy on their own. Each dessert that these restaurants offer also lets you end your meal on a sweet note!

Excellent local service, wonderfully-designed interiors, and great atmosphere for all events. The combination of all of these creates the best dining experience both locals and visitors can experience. If your Indonesian travels seem to miss this one thing, trying out dining options may resolve the issue.

Have you booked your flight to one of the most popular destinations in Asia? Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a quick snack, my restaurant recommendations all have excellent cooking that show the best of Asian food and culture as well as its combination with every major international cuisine.

A toast to new tastes and adventures that you’ll experience in Bali!

Bon Appétit and enjoy Bali!

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