Best 10 Restaurants in Canggu

By Putri, 2023.12.04

The choices are limitless when we talk about the best restaurants in Canggu. As the hip place, specifically for younger crowds, Canggu is more than just the capital of digital nomads in Bali. The restaurants in Canggu deliver food like no other area in Bali since the population is exceptionally diverse, resulting in different food scenes from Mediterranean, Italian, Mexican, Danish, French, and Spanish to Indonesian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Lebanese, Indian, and Chinese. Canggu has it all.

Finding where to eat in Canggu and deciding the best places to eat in Canggu can be overwhelming. This list was born to guide you through some of the best food in Canggu.  As someone who has lived here for over ten years, I know exactly where the best breakfast in Canggu is to start your day. Are you looking for a brunch in Canggu? I can tell you the place. Cannot make up your mind as to what to have for lunch in Canggu? I guarantee you can find the best lunch menu in these restaurants.

Even if you’re planning that romantic dinner in Canggu, there are plenty of choices, including some of the finest beachfront restaurants in Canggu. Once you read through the list, my hope is that you can decide where to have your next bowl of smoothie or the authentic Italian pizzas.

Terrace of one of the Best 10 Restaurants in Canggu

1. Shelter Pererenan

Among many Canggu restaurants, Shelter is giving you the best Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine in one place. Their commitment to delivering sophisticated and creative cooking without sacrificing authenticity is shown in their dishes. Whether you want lunch or dinner in Canggu, Shelter gives you delicious food and more.

Shelter Pererenan - the iron sign with the name of the restaurant


From vegetables to noodles (or any other meal), Shelter is a shortcut to gastronomic heaven in Bali, which you cannot overlook. Their stone-baked za’atar or Angus ribeye are too appetizing to resist. While their lamb kofte or wood-roasted moon scallops will be the perfect dinner meal.

Dinner with the friends, the dishes and drink in Shelter Pererenan


Their menus might blend creativity and sophistication with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern, but sitting at one of the tables surrounded by trees will remind you that you are in Bali. The overall atmosphere is very green and homey. Pro tip: Make a reservation fast, or you will find no place in the seating area. It’s that popular!

Bar counter with bartender and drinks in Shelter Pererenan


Details about Shelter Pererenan

💸 Average price per guest at Shelter Pererenan: US $12

🍽️ Cuisine: Contemporary, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern

🕙 Shelter Pererenan opening hours: 12 PM–12 AM

❤️ Kids-Friendly, Vegan-Friendly

⭐ On Bali Expert Review Score of Shelter Pererenan: 9/10

Google Reviews: 4.6/5

Trip Advisor: 4.5/5

☎️ Call Shelter Pererenan: +62 82340040199

📲 Instagram: Shelter Pererenan

2. Sensorium

Boasting a fusion of Australian and Asian cuisine, this place is definitely a treat for the senses as their motto is human sensory exploration through real food. Combining the classic Asian dish with a fresh take, Sensorium quickly finds itself as the destination for breakfast in Canggu.

Sensorium - facade of the building with the hotel sign


Though rarely dubbed a Korean restaurant in Bali, Sensorium boasts ingredients like kimchi and edamame in their repertoire. Menus such as Chicken Rice Bowl or Japanese Ramen as a nod to the Asian root of Sensorium’s Head Chef, William Lim. They also have a distinguished selection of mocktails to accompany your brunch or fruit juice if being conscious of your health is a priority.

Delicious breakfast and drink amongst the stulish halls of Sensorium


The overall design of Sensorium is a blend of Australian cafe and Japanese minimalism, resulting in a simple and unpretentious atmosphere. The giant glass doors and walls let in natural light, giving you the perfect ambiance of nature and modern at the same time.

Empty tables and chairs in the hall of Sensorium restaurant


Details about Sensorium

💸 Average price per guest at Sensorium: US $10–$15

🍽️ Cuisine: Australasian Fusion

🕙 Sensorium opening hours: 9 AM – 4 PM

❤️ Kids-friendly, vegetarian-friendly 

⭐ On Bali Expert Review Score of Sensorium: 9/10

Google Reviews: 4.7/5

Trip Advisor: 5/5

☎️ Call Sensorium: +62 851 6143 8812

📲 Instagram: Sensorium

3. Skool Kitchen

Finding a superb beachfront restaurant in Canggu can be demanding. But Skool Kitchen fits the description of excellence, modern, and panoramic, both in views and taste. As one of the few grill restaurants in Canggu, Skool Kitchen’s tagline of primitive cooking and modern dining has never been more alluring.

Skool Kitchen near the Canggu Beach


An open flame kitchen where every dish is touched by the fire should tell you everything about the menus at Skool. Though their main star is steak, Skool Kitchen has more to tease your appetite. Their Murotsu bay oyster, Argentinian red prawns, or wagyu tomahawk are to die for.

The overview of Skool Kitchen restaurant and its menu


Skool Kitchen is not only great for dinner and enjoying good food, but the view is also spectacular. The place is also open till late at night, so if you are into bustling nightlife, coming here for a good party is definitely recommended.

The sitting places in Skool Kitchen restuarant


Details about Skool Kitchen

💸 Average price per guest at Skool Kitchen: US $15

🍽️ Cuisine: Grill, Seafood

🕙 Skool Kitchen opening hours: 5 PM until late

❤️ Kids-Friendly

⭐ On Bali Expert Review Score of Skool Kitchen: 9/10

Google Reviews: 4.6/5

Trip Advisor: 4.5/5

☎️ Call Skool Kitchen: 0361-6200-603 / 0811-3800-4952

📲 Instagram: Skool Kitchen

4. Sa Mesa

Do you like Italian food and looking for a unique Italian restaurant in Bali? Do you want a unique mix of your favourite pizzas and pasta with some Indonesian twist? Sa’Mesa has you covered. All guests leave here licking their lips, and the cooking is family-oriented. With a focus on dinner, Sa’Mesa balances the ambiance of the setting with the goodness of garden-fresh ingredients from the coast and the vibe of the party in Canggu. All you have to do is pick your feast!

The signboard of Sa Mesa - dining restaurant


Sa’mesa doesn’t have a menu that you can choose from. Instead, they have a menu of approximately 18 dishes in a modern dining concept. The reservation is mandatory here as Sa’mesa is unlike any restaurant you’ve ever been to!

Table set with a variety of dishes in Sa Mesa


The dining experience at Sa’mesa is based on La Nonna Carmela, an Italian grandmother who invites everyone for dinner and chat. This concept allows everyone who sits at one table to taste each menu while making friends with strangers.

The waitressis setting the table in Sa Mesa restaurant


Details about Sa’Mesa

💸 Average price per guest at Sa’mesa: US $15

🍽️ Cuisine: Italian

🕙 Sa’mesa opening hours: 6 – 11 PM (Sun-Thu)/ 5 PM – 12:30 AM (Fri-Sat)

❤️ Kids-friendly, Vegan and vegetarian-friendly

⭐ On Bali Expert Review Score of Sa’mesa: 9/10

Google Reviews: 4.8/5

Trip Advisor: 5/5

☎️ Call Sa’mesa: 0813-5303-5411

📲 Instagram: Sa’mesa

5. Riviera Bistro

There are many options to have brunch in Canggu, and Riviera Bistro is an excellent place to go whenever you’re faced with a dilemma as to where to eat in Canggu. Picture this: a group of friends, a drink in your hand, a whole heart, and an even fuller stomach thanks to all the meals your table has eaten! That is what the Riviera promises: a trip for your taste buds as you eat through cuisines from different parts of the world.

The outdoor place of Riviera Bistro


Some of their menus will make you crave more. Catabrian anchovies taramasalata, grilled sardines, orecchiette “Seafood Marinara,” or char snapper are just some of their Mediterranean creations with a twist. They also cater to any dietary requirements, including vegan options, but you must inform them beforehand.

Seafood menu and interior in Riviera Bistro restaurant


Bringing the French Riviera (thus the name) to Bali is not an easy feat, yet Riviera Bistro managed to capture the essence and spirit of southern France with a Balinese flair. Whether you want to dine for two or ten, Riviera Bistro will give you the same experience.

Stylish interior in the main hall of Riviera Bistro restaurant


Details about Riviera Bistro

💸 Average price per guest at Riviera Bistro: US $10

🍽️ Cuisine: Mediterranean, Italian

🕙 Riviera Bistro opening hours: 11:30 AM until late

❤️ Kids-friendly, Vegan and vegetarian-friendly (through reservation)

⭐ On Bali Expert Review Score of Riviera Bistro: 9/10

Google Reviews: 4.7/5

Trip Advisor: 4.5/5

☎️ Call Riviera Bistro: +62 817-7413-4586

📲 Instagram: Riviera Bistro

6. Luma Restaurant

Luma prides itself on the combination of the flavours of Bali and the Mediterranean, making it an exciting choice to have dinner in Canggu. Luma is quickly becoming that one restaurant in Canggu that you must try, as the range of possibilities that can end up on your plate makes this address so popular among groups of tourists and residents alike.

Luma Restaurant - view from the street


The menus at Luma reflect the seasonal and locality of the ingredients. When Indonesian spices are mixed with European classics, you get fire like yellowfin tuna tartare, squid ink pasta with tiger prawns, burrata and peperonata, or barramundi with clams and spinach. Pair those with a glass (or a bottle!) of rose, red, or white of their wine selection, and you will have the greatest night of your life.

Luma Restaurant - several restaurant halls and the dishes


Mirroring the menu are the cream-colored building and the chinaware, which instantly bring you to the atmosphere of a southern European coastal town. It’s intimate, yet still feel relaxed and comfortable at the same time.

One of the rooms in Luma Restaurant


Details about Luma Restaurant

💸 Average price per guest at Luma Restaurant: US $10

🍽️ Cuisine: Mediterranean

🕙 Luma Restaurant opening hours: 12 – 11 PM

❤️ Kids-friendly, Vegan and vegetarian-friendly

⭐ On Bali Expert Review Score of Luma Restaurant: 9/10

Google Reviews: 4.5/5

Trip Advisor: 4.5/5

☎️ Call Luma Restaurant: +62 81 139 414 999

📲 Instagram: Luma Restaurant

7. Maize Dining & Eatery

Maize is currently closed as they are moving to a new location in Seminyak.

Maize has become a popular spot for those looking for a Latin restaurant in Canggu. The modern cuisine with a Latin influence is the perfect choice if you want to have dinner in Canggu and try something different, as there aren’t many South American restaurants in Canggu.

Maize Dining & Eatery - the menu paper with inscription

Sit out on the terrace and try the Hokkaido scallop toast, which is served with uni mayo, dried egg yolk, and grapefruit, or try their crispy tortillas to suckling pigs, celebrates local and seasonal produce alongside ingredients imported from Latin America and Asia. Upgrade to wood-roasted cabbage with pickled grapes and toasted almonds to share, or choose the Chef’s Choice menu for carefully curated gourmet. If you’re vegan, they have a full vegan menu catering to Canggu’s growing plant-based community tastings.

Latin America food and style of Maize Dining & Eatery


The mural on the wall, combined with the lush trees scattered in the premise, has created a strong Latin ambiance. The music is invigorating, and the lighting is seductive, making a stop at Maize mandatory.

The bar counter in Maize Dining & Eatery


Details about Maize Dining & Eatery

💸 Average price per guest at Maize Dining & Eatery: US $15

🍽️ Cuisine: South American

🕙 Maize Dining & Eatery opening hours: 5 PM until late

❤️ Kids-Friendly, Vegan-Friendly

⭐ On Bali Expert Review Score of Maize Dining & Eatery: 9/10

Google Reviews: 4.6/5

Trip Advisor: 5/5

☎️ Call Maize Dining & Eatery: 082145951329

📲 Instagram: Maize Dining & Eatery

8. Milk & Madu

Canggu’s Milk & Madu made a stylish entrance onto the scene in 2014, quickly becoming a go-to destination for socialising and still a top name for having breakfast in Canggu with its delicious and simple gourmet menu. The inflation is also reaching Bali, but Milk & Madu is still an affordable restaurant in Canggu. They give out toys and books for kids to play with and share, which makes the place ideal for kids and families.

The signboard of Milk & Madu restaurant


They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day. Come and try the delicious pancakes or poached eggs here. They go great with a smoothie or a good cup of coffee from Beans by The Brotherhood. They make delicious drinks, too, and you can also find a place to get fruit bowls in the morning. Drop by Milk & Madu on Tuesdays and Sundays, 4 pm–10 pm, for a special deal on pizzas: purchase one pizza and get a second free.

The territory of Milk & Madu restaurant, its drinks and dishes


This outstanding restaurant in Canggu, with two establishments in Berawa and Batu Bolong, has retained its laid-back atmosphere, inviting people to always return. With their reputation, excellent service, and scrumptious food, there’s a reason why Milk & Madu is on its way to a legendary eatery in Canggu.

The open area full of people in ​​the restaurant Milk & Madu


Details about Milk & Madu, Canggu

💸 Average price per guest at Milk & Madu Canggu: US $12

🍽️ Cuisine: International

🕙 Milk & Madu Canggu opening hours: 7 AM – 10 PM

❤️ Kids-friendly, Vegan and vegetarian-friendly

⭐ On Bali Expert Review Score of Milk & Madu Canggu: 9/10

Google Reviews: 4.6/5

Trip Advisor: 4.5/5

☎️ Call Milk & Madu Canggu: +62 851-027-81872

📲 Instagram: Milk & Madu Canggu

9. HOME by Chef Wayan

If you’re looking for where to eat in Canggu, HOME by Chef Wayan should be on your list. This Indonesian restaurant in Canggu is worth experiencing, as they serve a complete menu of Balinese cuisine that combines traditional recipes with a contemporary touch. After honing his skills at Michelin-starred restaurants in the United States, Chef Wayan specialises in exceptional mouth-watering dishes where Balinese cuisine is brought to life with a delicious modern twist.

Chef Wayan is standing in the restaurant by his name


Standout dishes at Chef Wayan’s HOME feature Rujak Ikan, Ayam Srosop, and Ledok Nusa served with sweet corn, skipjack tuna, sambal goreng, and lemon basil oil. Chef Wayan draws inspiration from his mother’s recipes and incorporates his creative twist, resulting in a truly unforgettable dining experience at this charming cafe.

Food and details of cozy atmosphere in HOME by Chef Wayan


Stepping into HOME by Chef Wayan is like going into someone’s house, full of warmth and familiarity, hence the name is very fitting. With a touch of Balinese fabric, small pots and plants, and wooden interiors, having a meal here will make you feel like an honorable guest.

The process of cooking on the kitchen of HOME by Chef Wayan


Details aboutHOME by Chef Wayan

💸 Average price per guest at HOME by Chef Wayan: US $16

🍽️ Cuisine: Indonesian and Balinese

🕙 HOME by Chef Wayan opening hours: 11 AM – 10 PM (closed every Tuesday)

❤️ Kids-friendly, vegan and vegetarian-friendly

⭐ On Bali Expert Review Score of HOME by Chef Wayan: 9/10

Google Reviews: 4.7/5

Trip Advisor: 5/5

☎️ Call HOME by Chef Wayan: 081237593530

📲 Instagram: HOME by Chef Wayan

10. The Grumpy Butcher

Can you mention any authentic steakhouse in Bali? The answer is not many. But The Grumpy Butcher is a new smokehouse BBQ restaurant in the middle of Petitenget. Though relatively new, The Grupy Butcher has earned its reputation as one of the must-go-to restaurants in Canggu. And with that name, anyone would be curious, wouldn’t they?

The Grumpy Butcher - the restaurant signboard


Their specialty is, without a doubt, the delicious coffee wood-smoked beef brisket, homemade sausages, tender BBQ ribs, and more. It’s not a real BBQ experience unless there’s some chilled beer to go with it. The Grumpy Butcher has lots of beer on tap and a wide selection of wines and special cocktails if you’re not into beers.

Grilled meat and wine in The Grumpy Butcher


The setting of The Grumpy Butcher can only be described as an elevated pub. There are long black tables for you and your friends to sit and enjoy the premium quality of the meat while chatting away.

Black tables and chairs in the main hall of The Grumpy Butcher


Details about The Grumpy Butcher

💸 Average price per guest at The Grumpy Butcher: US $15

🍽️ Cuisine: Steakhouse, seafood, grill

🕙 The Grumpy Butcher opening hours: 12 – 11 PM

❤️ Kids-friendly

⭐ On Bali Expert Review Score of The Grumpy Butcher: 9/10

Google Reviews: 4.9/5

Trip Advisor: 5/5

☎️ Call The Grumpy Butcher: 081802227777

📲 Instagram: The Grumpy Butcher

Expert Opinion about The Best restaurants in Canggu

I have been living in Bali for ten years. After the pandemic, I decided to move from Jimbaran to Canggu, which has always been the busiest town in Bali. Well-known as the best area for wellness and a food paradise!

So, here are my selections of the best restaurants in Canggu:

The Shelter, The Grumpy Butcher, and Milk Madu

The reason why these make up my best selection is because of the quality of the food and beverages, the taste, the service, the friendly staff, the pleasant settings, the ambience, and the vibes. All together, these make up an unforgettable dining experience!

If you are concerned about Canggu’s traffic, this might hold you back from coming, but the temptation of the food makes it worth visiting! Enjoy Bali.


Guide and the author of the project On Bali

The author of our website is from Jakarta, Indonesia. Being brave enough to go with the flow, the author settled in Bali more than ten years ago. With hobbies that include arts and culture, the author gained a deep understanding of Balinese traditions. Excellent writing skills help the author transfer all these impressions onto our website. An ever-lasting desire to share knowledge and experience with others makes the author the perfect guide to Bali.

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