Top 5 Nightclubs in Ubud

By Catur, 2024.05.03

Finding the best nightclubs in Ubud in the Gianyar Regency may not be on everyone’s cards when visiting Bali. But it doesn’t mean unwinding after a long day is impossible in Ubud. Staying true to the vibes of a laid-back and quaint atmosphere, partying in Ubud is one of the best ways to get a different experience and get your dose of Ubud nightlife activities.

In the updated 2024 version of Where to Find the Best Ubud Nightlife, I have curated these clubs as melting pots for people to dance, show their karaoke skills, or simply enjoy the various flavors of Ubud shisha. These clubs are popular among Ubudians, never stray too far from the heart of Ubud, and you will be guaranteed a fun night even in a place famous for its relaxed vibe. If you’re looking for the best places to finish your day with a groove, this guide is for you.

Ubud’s nightlife scene differs from that in Canggu, Seminyak, or Kuta. But get ready for a fantastic experience combined with the island’s lively atmosphere in these 5 Top Ubud clubs for your nightlife activities.

Interior details of one of the Top 5 Nightclubs in Ubud

1. Folk Pool & Gardens

Folk Pool and Gardens adapted the concept of beach clubs to match Ubud’s vibe, and they were successful in doing so. There are many places around town with the pool, but Folk Pool and Gardens is the first swim-up bar in Ubud. People frequent this bar if they want to relax by the pool without having to leave the quaint atmosphere of Ubud.

Located on Monkey Forest Road, Folk Pool and Gardens will accompany your unwinding morning or afternoon by providing sun loungers, sun decks, daybeds, and teepees around the pool. The pergolas and Joglo house can accommodate your happy moments with your friends as the area is also non-smoking.

Courtyard view of Folk Pool & Gardens


Interior, food and drinks at Folk Pool & Gardens

The menu offered at Folk Pool and Garden ranges from Indonesian favorites like gado-gado and chicken satay to international cuisines like pizzas and salads. Their solid drink selections, from house signatures like Gadis Bali to wine and martinis, can be the perfect companion for casual dining here.

Swimming pool and the straw umbrellas at Folk Pool & Gardens

Detailed Info about Folk Pool & Gardens:

💰 Entrance fee at Folk Pool & Gardens: Free

💸 Average price per guest at Folk Pool & Gardens: US $10

📍Location of Folk Pool & Gardens: 88 Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud, Bali, 80571 

🌟 ONBALI Expert Review Score: 10/10

Google Reviews: 4.4/5

TripAdvisor: 4.5/5

🕙 Folk Pool & Garden opening hours: 10 AM – 10 PM

☎️ Call Folk Pool & Gardens: +62 361 9080888

📲 Instagram: Folk Ubud

2. Kabana

Kabana might as well be one of Bali’s most exotic and incredible clubs. Part of the K-Club Group, Kabana is surrounded by lush jungles, and if you see reviews and photos of this club, you’ll understand why. The guests can swim in its gigantic pool, lie in one of the wicker huts, or chill in the main space featuring a huge stage for fire shows and dancing.

Though it only opens late on Saturday, the ambience at Kabana has always been a mix of fun and stunning views. The great performance by local and international DJs certainly lights up your night.

Kabana Beach club - front view of the building


Party and delicious food at Kabana club

The Kabana Club invites you to the most prestigious restaurant in Ubud for an unforgettable dining experience. Their menus range from the classic seafood fried rice and crab lasagna to grilled marinated king prawn and gnocchi al pesto. Their cocktail and mocktail selection, wine, and the free-flow package will surely make you love this place even more.

Aerial view on the Kabana club with pool and garden

Detailed Info about Kabana:

💰 Entrance fee at Kabana: US $30

💸 Average price per guest at Kabana: US $16

📍Location of Kabana: Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80561

🌟ONBALI Expert Review Score: 10/10

Google Reviews: 4.5/5

TripAdvisor: 5/5

🕙 Kabana opening hours: 11 AM – 8 PM/11 AM – 2 AM (Saturday)

☎️ Call Kabana: +62 877 00033888

📲 Instagram: Kabana

3. No Mas

If you are in the mood for a loud party in Ubud, No Más is your go-to, as the place offers happy hour until 11 PM! This bar has earned a reputation around Ubudians as one of the best bars in Ubud to party and dance your worries away.

With live bands every night, No Más Bar prides itself on coexisting genres of hip-hop, salsa, and rock under one roof. Occasionally, the music of Bowie, Santana, and Biggie will make you go back in time with a bang.

No Mas club - the details of the rooms


The atmosphere of No Mas club with little details and the staff

The bartenders at No Más will happily serve you one of their extensive drink selections. From their house cocktails like Sayan Sunrise and Bourbon Seduction to classic cocktails like Mojito and Moscow Mule, their menus cater to everyone wanting a fun night.

Tables, chairs and bar counter at No Mas club

Detailed Info about No Mas:

💰 Entrance fee at No Más: Free

💸 Average price per guest at No Más: US $5

📍Location of No Más: Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

🌟ONBALI Expert Review Score: 9/10

Google Reviews: 4.4/5

TripAdvisor: 4.5/5

🕙 No Más opening hours: 5 PM – 1 AM

☎️ Call No Más: +62 361 9080800

📲 Instagram: No Más  

4. CP Lounge Ubud

CP Lounge is the only place in Ubud where you can have lunch and stay until the wee hours to dance along to the great music. Located on the famous Monkey Forest Road, this bar boasts a large open-air lounge next to a tropical swimming pool and dance hall with pool tables. You don’t need any reviewers for validation about the place because if you need a place to dance ’til drop, this is where you should go.

Starting at 9 PM, the lounge features live music that performs salsa music, and you can dance under the sky. Once the band stops playing, the party moves inside, and you can play at the pool table or simply chat with travelers, expats, Indonesians, and local Balinese alike.

CP Lounge Ubud - bar counter near the pool


Deliscious food and the party at CP Lounge Ubud beach club

The lounge offers various cuisines, including roast wild mushroom crostini, morning fuel, nasi goreng, and arancini, among many different menus to fuel your energy. The bartenders here can prepare delicious cocktails like Black Russian and Cosmopolitan but also offer martini, Mojito, and single shots. The best thing about it? The bar doesn’t close until everyone leaves!

Bac counter with the drinks at CP Lounge Ubud

Detailed Info about CP Lounge Ubud:

💰 Entrance fee at CP Lounge: Free

💸 Average price per guest at CP Lounge: US $6

📍Location of CP Lounge: Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

🌟ONBALI Expert Review Score: 7/10

Google Reviews: 4.2/5

TripAdvisor: 3.5/5

🕙 CP Lounge opening hours: 1 PM – 3 AM

☎️ Call CP Lounge: +62 361 978954

📲 Instagram: CP Lounge Ubud 

5. Cretya Ubud

With a view of the Tegalalang, Cretya Ubud is not only spacious but also the only day club around Ubud with three layers of pools, giving you the choice to cool down when the weather gets hot inside the Yudhistira building. The good vibes at Cretya are elevated by the unobstructed views of the rice paddy, which you can explore. Many travellers are saying they love the architecture and the traditional Balinese statues that are spread next to the rice fields.

The daily DJ performance at Cretya Ubud certainly adds a cosy vibe while you soak up the sun. You can also sit on the deck terrace or rent one of the day beds to immerse yourself in one of the best day clubs in Bali.

Cretya Ubud - view on one of the best beach clubs in Ubud


Kitchen and relaxing area of Cretya Ubud

The menu at Cretya is full of healthy dishes, such as summer rolls, potato burgers, grilled meals, and side dishes. You can pair your lunch or dinner with a variety of soft drinks as well as stronger options like beers and wine.

The night party full of people at Cretya Ubud beach club

Detailed Info about Cretya Ubud:

💰 Entrance fee at Cretya: depends on the event

💸 Average price per guest at Cretya: US $6

📍Location of Cretya: Kec. Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80561

🌟ONBALI Expert Review Score: 9/10

Google Reviews: 4.4/5

TripAdvisor: 4.5/5

🕙 Cretya opening hours: 8 AM – 9 PM

☎️ Call Cretya: +62 812 38021174

📲 Instagram: Cretya 

Expert Opinion About Clubs in Ubud

Collecting information about the nightclubs in Ubud that will blow your mind may sound intimidating due to Ubud’s reputation as Bali’s center of local culture. Ubud is not only about cultural performance but also the place to spend a sultry night by enjoying world music in the bars and clubs. Be it the local bars or day clubs, you can never go wrong by going to Ubud to unwind and have fun.

As someone who has visited all of these spots, I have picked out three favorites that won’t leave you disappointed. The hunt was worth it as I always enjoy a night of clubbing, and if you do too, I would especially recommend visiting the following three locations:

Cretya Ubud, No Más, and Kabana

The day clubs and bars in Ubud on my list are perfect if you want to spend some nights out with your buddies. However, the three I mentioned here offer even more thrilling experiences. You can enjoy the luxury and relax, dancing all night, sipping your favorite cocktails, and listening to the magical sounds from the live music and DJ performances.


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