17 Best Beaches in Bali

By Catur, 2024.05.02

If you’re asking anyone about the best beaches in Bali, chances are you will get different answers from different people. The island is surrounded by water on all sides. The Indian Ocean is the only ocean in Bali bordering the south side; the east coast borders the Lombok Strait; the Java Strait divides Bali and Java on the west coast, while the north coast is the Bali Sea. No wonder tourists fly worldwide to experience the crystal clear water typical on any famous Bali beach.

Through decades of tourism, beaches around the islands have developed different functions for different activities in Bali. For example, when you talk about surfing in Bali, most people will point out the beaches in the southern part, which are famous for their surf breaks, especially if you’re an advanced surfer. But what about where to swim in Bali? The beaches in the eastern part are often the answer, thanks to the lack of big waves. But no matter what the purpose is, the views of the turquoise water are often the main star of beaches in Bali. If someone asks me things to do in Bali besides going to the beach, my answer is, “Nothing. Life in Bali is centered around water, ocean, and sea.” So pack up your sunscreen, hat, towel, and book, and go to one (or all) of these 17 Best Beaches in Bali.

Aerial view on one of the Best Beaches in Bali

1. Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Beach is one of the hotspots in the Uluwatu area as this beach is pretty accessible for everyone. With a stretch of golden sandy beach where the ocean meets the sky, Dreamland Beach is not only a beach for families but also popular for surfers who want to learn how to ride the waves. Many restaurants and beach clubs are on the coastline, making it ideal if you just want to relax and enjoy your young coconut!

Couple of surfers at Dreamland Beach in Uluwatu


If your idea of Bali is renting one of the umbrellas while reading your novels, or if you’re the sunbather type, you can include Dreamland Beach as one of the options. As long as the eye can see, the turquoise water tempts those who want to feel the warmth of Bali waters while the sun is shining brightly.

The easy access to Dreamland Beach is one of the reasons why this beach is popular, not only among tourists or surfers but also with locals. To those who live in the Bukit, Ungasan, and Uluwatu areas, Dreamland Beach has always been considered one of the best spots to watch the sunset!

💸 Entrance fee at Dreamland Beach: Free 

👣 How difficult to go to Dreamland Beach: Easy

🕛 Opening hours of Dreamland Beach: 24 Hours

2. Melasti Beach

Sharing the same coastline as Pandawa, Gunung Payung, and Green Bowl Beach, Melasti Beach is slowly becoming a more popular destination in the south. This is one of the vastly developed beach areas in the Bukit Peninsula, where you can find umbrellas to rent and a string of restaurants overlooking the ocean, not to mention that Melasti Beach is a perfect beach for swimming in Bali.

Sunny Melasti Beach near Indian Ocean in Bali


The view is unparalleled as you have the limestone with some shrubs and trees as the backdrop and then the vast Indian Ocean with its turquoise waters in front of you. One of the best beach clubs in Uluwatu, Palmilla Beach Club with its infinity pool, is just a few steps away from the beach if you want to indulge yourself with a glass of martini or have some light food while enjoying the sea breeze.

Going to Melasti Beach doesn’t require effort as you only need to walk a few meters from the parking lot to enjoy the beach. Whether you want to put your bikini on and swim in its crystal clear water or simply want to relax, Melasti Beach has always been a perfect place to do your beach activities.

💸 Entrance fee at Melasti Beach: US$ 1.5

👣 How difficult to go to Melasti Beach: Easy

🕛 Opening hours of Melasti Beach: 24 Hours

3. Kedungu Beach

The name of Kedungu Beach may not be popular yet. But this beach in the Tabanan Regency, which shares the same coastline as the beach in Canggu, is slowly getting recognition for its black sand beach, something that is usually reserved for the beaches around Amed and the ones close to the volcano.

Sandy beach and palm trees of Kedungu Beach in Bali


Kedungu Beach is one of the beach areas where development hasn’t really reached an alarming rate. There are only a few warungs where you can buy snacks, and an ideal place if you want to learn how to surf, as the breaks here are still mild and suitable for beginners.

Only about an hour from Canggu and located after the famous Tanah Lot temple, Kedungu Beach is truly a piece of paradise that people think about Bali and its beaches. It’s less crowded than any other beach on the list, and the scenery is as magnificent as the other beaches in the Ungasan or Bukit Peninsula regions.

💸 Entrance fee at Kedungu Beach: Free

👣 How difficult to go to Kedungu Beach: Easy

🕛 Opening hours of Kedungu Beach: 24 Hours

4. Seminyak Beach

Seminyak is more than just a shopping complex on its main road. Some of the famous Seminyak beach clubs are located alongside the beach area, like the famous and legendary Ku De Ta, or if you’re looking for a more laid-back atmosphere with a Spanish vibe, La Plancha with its beanbag in bold colors and umbrellas can be your newest (or always has been) favorite spot.

Places for rest and the sunset at Seminyak Beach


Alongside the Seminyak Beach, you can find umbrellas for rent to stay for a whole day, and you can also buy some cold beers as the perfect companion. Some of the 5-star hotels in Seminyak are also located nearby, giving you easier access if you want to hit the beach early in the morning to walk or jog before the sun is getting high.

Seminyak Beach may look busy and crowded, especially in the afternoon, as it’s one of the famous spots for sunsets, but it’s a popular spot for activities, including sunbathing and swimming.

💸 Entrance fee at Seminyak Beach: Free

👣 How difficult to go to Seminyak Beach: Easy

🕛 Opening hours of Seminyak Beach: 24 Hours

5. Kelinking Beach

If there is one Nusa Penida beach that has been making a splash across the globe, it’s Kelingking Beach. The image of its famous rock formations, which makes it look like a dragon beach or a T-rex, has been used for advertising in Indonesia and abroad to promote tourism in Bali. And it works as the crowd gathering around the viewpoint of the beach to take the Instagram-worthy photo, should tell you enough about its popularity.

Rock and the sandy beach at Kelinking Beach


Going down to Kelingking Beach is possible, as long as you have the energy and time to go down and up the steep stairs. It’s probably worth it as the sand beaches look white and pristine, but be aware that the strong waves and currents make this beach not recommended for swimming.

Kelingking Beach may need a bit of planning as the boat only goes during the day until early afternoon from the main island to Nusa Penida, but it’s worth visiting. Even if you only take photos from a few viewpoints of this famous shape of a cliff.

💸 Entrance fee at Kelingking Beach: US$ 0.75

👣 How difficult to go to Kelingking Beach: Hard

🕛 Opening hours of Kelingking Beach: 24 Hours

6. Padang Padang Beach

The effect of the movie Eat, Pray, Love with Julia Roberts on the tourism in Bali, especially Padang Padang Beach, a beach in Uluwatu, is astronomical. Though in reality it doesn’t look like the one in the movie, Padang Padang Beach is still a great beach for families because access is easy.

Aerial view of the crowded Padang Padang Beach


The main selling point of Padang Padang Beach is that you have to walk between two big rocks to reach the beach, which sits in a small cove. The water close to the shoreline is relatively calm, so it’s a perfect choice to just cool down.

Outside the fame caused by the film, Padang Padang Beach is the true definition of that a beauty in Bali doesn’t have to be grand or stretch for miles. The site can be small, yet still becomes a top destination for visitors.

💸 Entrance fee at Padang-Padang Beach: US$ 1

👣 How difficult to go to Padang-Padang Beach: Easy

🕛 Opening hours of Padang-Padang Beach: 24 Hours

7. Kuta Beach

Out of all the beaches in Bali, the name Kuta Beach is possibly the only iconic one. Everyone knows or hears about it even before they set foot in Bali. The beach area is home to some beachfront restaurants, Beach Walks shopping mall, souvenir shops, and every list of things to do in Bali or activities in Bali has never failed to mention Kuta, even if you only want to find out why the name is so famous.

Seats with umbrellas at Kuta Beach


The beach is always packed with people, families, children, hawkers, snack vendors, loungers, and sunbathers. The signs of surfboards for rent are everywhere you look, and some tourists with Bintang t-shirts can be seen walking on the streets.

Kuta is possibly my least favorite beach in Bali simply because it’s a bit too loud and has is known as the party scene with many clubs and bars. But I can see the appeal as it is also one of the cheapest areas to stay in Bali.

💸 Entrance fee at Kuta Beach: Free

👣 How difficult to go to Kuta Beach: Easy

🕛 Opening hours of Kuta Beach: 24 Hours

8. Thomas Beach

Every time a conversation ensues about the beach in Uluwatu or in Pecatu areas, Thomas Beach is rarely mentioned. It’s a shame that this sort of hidden gem of a beach should be on anyone’s itinerary, especially if they venture to the south part of Bali. Even the tours of the southern beaches often skip Thomas Beach!

Surf spot at Thomas Beach


Boasting about 200-meter of white sand beach with the waters as clear as mirrors and with crowds that are less than those on Balangan beach, Thomas Beach is worthy of mentioning as one of the most underrated beaches in Bali. With a setting like that, no wonder expats, Balinese, and locals come to this hidden corner of Bali.

Thomas Beach is perfect for those looking for a beach that has fewer visitors but still delivers a stunning scene. The trip here is definitely worth beating out the traffic!

💸 Entrance fee at Thomas Beach: Free

👣 How difficult to go to Thomas Beach: Intermediate

🕛 Opening hours of Thomas Beach: 24 Hours

9. Diamond Beach

Another Nusa Penida beach that has created a buzz on the social media and travel blogs alike is Diamond Beach. Some travelers even declare that it’s the best beach in Bali, thanks to its stunning rock formations and the fact that only a few people make it down to the beach every day, making Diamond Beach should be.

Wooden hotel on a tree at Diamond Beach


Going to the beach requires not only effort, but fit stamina, as the carved stairs out of the limestone cliffs are quite steep. There is a warung once you reach the beach, but pay attention to the high tide before you decide to spend your time and energy as the strong waves can sweep off the whole beach.

For honeymooners, Diamond Beach or the limestone stairs can be a perfect spot to have your photo taken. Everything about Diamond Beach screams a perfect escape from the crowded parts of Bali.

💸 Entrance fee at Diamond Beach: US$ 2

👣 How difficult to go to Diamond Beach: Hard

🕛 Opening hours of Diamond Beach: 24 Hours

10. Echo Beach

Surfing in Bali is mandatory if you want to try something new or if you’re a pro. But not all the beaches in Bali have the right surf breaks for it. The beach in Canggu, especially Echo Beach, is the one most nomads go to, since they don’t need to leave Canggu or their work to surf. It doesn’t hurt that Echo Beach also functions as the perfect sunset point to see the famous golden hues of Bali.

Surfing in Bali at Echo Beach


Going to Echo Beach, whether during the early morning or late afternoon, you will see surfers carrying their surfboards. The reputation of Echo Beach as the surfer’s point around Canggu beach is alive and well.

Though there are other places around Canggu to see the sunset, Echo Beach remains one of the popular spots for those who wait for the traffic to disperse while enjoying drinks, be it a Bintang beer or a young coconut. It’s best to get here before 4 PM, so you can find the perfect table to watch the sun go down.

💸 Entrance fee at Echo Beach: Free

👣 How difficult to go to Echo Beach: Easy

🕛 Opening hours of Echo Beach: 24 Hours

11. Amed Beach

There’s no place on the island that is associated more with diving in Bali than Amed Beach. Not only diving, Amed Beach is also the perfect getaway for snorkeling in Bali. The famous USAT Liberty shipwreck, various fish species, and depending on the season, species of rays, everything can be found in the waters around Amed Beach.

Amed Beach - the coast on the east of Bali


The coasts on east Bali, not only Amed Beach, are blessed with the black sands, courtesy of the volcanoes nearby. The view of Mount Agung and the diving community in Amed certainly give off a particular charm that you can’t find anywhere else in the southern part.

Getting to Amed requires a bit of planning, but once you get there, the air feels different, the food and the drink taste better, and landscapes will certainly humble you. It is understandable if you prolong your stay in Amed, because it is a thing that people have done and keep on doing because they love the place.

💸 Entrance fee at Amed Beach: Free

👣 How difficult to go to Amed Beach: Easy

🕛 Opening hours of Amed Beach: 24 Hours

12. Lovina Beach

Going to Lovina Beach in the north of Bali is often centered around seeing dolphins in Bali. There are many tours which provide this specific attraction, even though you have to leave in the wee hours as the boats usually leave in the early morning. If you love to catch fish and plan on fishing in Bali, you can arrange fishing boats to take you to a few locations in Lovina.

Dolphins in the ocean at Lovina Beach


Even though Lovina Beach doesn’t boast any luxury resorts or plenty of beach villas or picturesque palm trees the way you see in the advertisements about Bali, it still possesses a charm. The people there are more genuine even though their English might not be the best on the island.

If you’re looking for a quiet place to get away from the tourist crowd, or you’re a newlywed couple looking for a perfect honeymoon destination, Lovina should be on your list. Though the journey there takes a few hours, it is undeniable that Lovina has the true Balinese hospitality that you can’t find elsewhere.

💸 Entrance fee at Lovina Beach: Free

👣 How difficult to go to Lovina Beach: Easy

🕛 Opening hours of Lovina Beach: 24 Hours

13. Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach has been famous for so long as the best spot to see sunrise in Bali. But these past few years, the government has been tidying up the shore and building proper pavement, making Sanur Beach the newest beach with promenade in Bali, aside from Nusa Dua. It is also located close to Denpasar, the capital of Bali, making the drive to Sanur bearable as the traffic is not bad.

The couple on teh SUP board during the Sunrise at Sanur Beach


Sanur Beach consists of different points with different names, but they share the same calm waters and relaxed atmosphere. Sanur Beach is the perfect destination for families as the beach and the water are safe for children to swim.

Though technically snorkelling in Sanur Beach is possible, you need to walk or swim a bit further from the shore. Sanur Beach is one of my favorite beaches to relax in, as I often go there just to lay down and read a book as the atmosphere is calming enough.

💸 Entrance fee at Sanur Beach: Free

👣 How difficult to go to Sanur Beach: Easy

🕛 Opening hours of Sanur Beach: 24 Hours

14. Jimbaran Bay

JImbaran Bay is host to some of the best seafood restaurants in Bali. If you want good quality seafood, then head to Jimbaran Bay to have dinner. You can even spend the afternoon here as Jimbaran Bay is also a good spot to see sunset in Bali. For Indonesian, Jimbaran Bay often becomes the destination for a group dinner, as going to Bali is not complete without having a meal there.

People are staying at Jimbaran Bay


Jimbaran Bay may not be famous for other things than the array of the tables set on the beach in Bali, but don’t count it out as Jimbaran Bay has a stunning night view of all the lights of the Bukit Peninsula and its proximity to the airport. Jimbaran Beach is included in the Jimbaran Bay area and a perfect spot if you simply want to walk leisurely.

Personally, Jimbaran Bay is the best beach if you want to hang out with friends, as I often go there to have a seafood feast or just sit on the beach watching the sunset.

💸 Entrance fee at Jimbaran Bay: Free

👣 How difficult to go to Jimbaran Bay: Easy

🕛 Opening hours of Jimbaran Bay: 24 Hours

15. Pantai Pasir Putih

When it comes to the white sand beach in Bali, Pantai Pasir Putih, also known as Virgin Beach, is the main star in the east coast of Bali, just a short drive from Candidasa region. Many confuse this beach with other beaches in the Padang Bai area called Bias Tugel, as when you look on the map, you will be directed there. But when you ask locals about White Sand Beach, they will refer to Virgin Beach.

Aerial view of the white sand beach Pantai Pasir Putih


Pantai Pasir Putih is often deemed as the hidden or secret beach due to its location, sheltered from the outside by palm trees and rock cliffs. There are small warungs and rows of traditional fishing boats at the beach, and most importantly, it is not busy at all!

If you’re en route to Amed, make sure to have a rest here, as you will be greeted by stunning views and serenity as fewer people are visiting Pantai Pasir Putih. But be mindful of the currents and waves if you want to swim, as they can be quite strong.

💸 Entrance fee at Pantai Pasir Putih: Free

👣 How difficult to go to Pantai Pasir Putih: Intermediate

🕛 Opening hours of  Pantai Pasir Putih: 24 Hours

16. Bingin Beach

The Uluwatu area is home to some of the most incredible beach views in Bali. Bingin Beach, the beach in Uluwatu, used to be a little known corner of Bali only familiar to surfers. But in the past few years, the popularity has increased, following the step of other beaches, like Suluban beach and Gunung Payung beach.

Woman is going to surf at Bingin Beach in Uluwatu


The shore area in the beach depends on the tides. And when the tide is low, Bingin Beach can be included in the list of beach to swim in Bali, even though you still need to be careful of the currents and the waves.

Bingin Beach has some cafes and restaurants above before you climb down the stairs to get to the beach, and it’s popular during the sunset hour. If you’re a traveler who works remotely and wants unparalleled beauty as the backdrop, bring your laptop to one of the corners of the beach, and enjoy the sea breeze while staying productive.

💸 Entrance fee at Bingin Beach: Free

👣 How difficult to go to Bingin Beach: Intermediate

🕛 Opening hours of Bingin Beach: 24 Hours

17. Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua Beach is famous as the only beach in Bali surrounded by luxury establishments in the form of 5-star hotels and resorts. Many of the international conferences and world-class summits or meetings, such as the G20 in 2022 were held in the Nusa Dua area. With Tanjung Benoa nearby, if you want to do some water sports like jet skiing, then going here is an excellent choice.

Seating area with umbrellas at Nusa Dua Beach


Nusa Dua Beach has easy access and a promenade alongside it, making the beach perfect for strolling in the morning or afternoon. Many of the luxury hotels and resorts take care of the Nusa Dua Beach, so it ensures the beach area is always clean and maintained.

Personally, Nusa Dua Beach is not my favorite as there have been many stories about locals who were asked to leave the beach area by the hotel management. But Nusa Dua Beach is a nice area to visit if you have never been there, and you may fall in love with how well the beach area is maintained.

💸 Entrance fee at Nusa Dua Beach: Free

👣 How difficult to go to Nusa Dua Beach: Easy

🕛 Opening hours of Nusa Dua Beach: 24 Hours

Expert opinion on the 17 Best Beaches in Bali

Writing about the best beaches in Bali feels very personal to me as a beach person. When I compiled the list, I imagined the sort of visitors who would come to visit Bali. They probably wonder where to swim in Bali as they come to this Island of Gods for the first time. Some may be thinking about surfing in Bali as they heard about the amazing surfing breaks here. Or they simply look for things to do in Bali and figure out that it’s impossible to ignore the beach bars or beach clubs where they can see the sunset or chill out.

My favorite beaches out of all the ones listed here are:

Sanur Beach, Echo Beach, and Thomas Beach

The reason for my pick is that Thomas Beach borders directly with the Indian Ocean, the only ocean in Bali, and the waves are strong but still not dangerous to dip your feet or simply get wet; Sanur is the beach for everyone, especially those with family and looking for laid-back and safe water condition to swimming and still to this day, where people go to see the sunrise; and Echo Beach, while a famous Bali beach because it’s located in Canggu, still one of the best spots to watch sunset.

Discovering activities in Bali without involving the ocean or the sea is nearly impossible, even though there are many things to do in Bali. So, whatever you wish to do in Bali, never skip the beach, and I hope the list of these 17 Best Beaches in Bali will help you in your beach-hopping adventure!


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