Jet Skiing in Bali

By Putri, 2024.01.19

Two tourists are riding the jet skis in Bali

Are you looking for beach activities that will let you ride the waves while the wind slicks your hair back? Jet Skiing provides you with all those experiences in one activity! And what better place to go on this jet ski adventure in Indonesia than Bali?

Watersports have increased the number of participants in the past decade, and everyone wants a taste of this speed challenge! Calmer tourists try local food, snorkelling, and scuba diving to see the coral reefs or just spend time on the coast taking photos. But the more adrenaline junkies get on a speedboat and taste the seawater in this stunning paradise.

1. Jet Ski Prestige

The man is driving jet ski rented at Jet Ski Prestige company

Jet skis weren’t a big thing in Bali until a few years ago. With the surge of Western tourists came Western demands! Jet Ski Prestige is the first company to rent out Jet Ski to tourists! Their advertisement read that visitors can check out the many islands of the Bali coastline! Now isn’t that exciting!

You can either ride it yourself, no licence necessary or if you have no prior experience, you can get an experienced person to drive you around! Avoiding the first-hand splash of the ocean that way! This company went all in, getting SeaDoo personal watercraft (PWC) to give the new, excited tourists the best possible experience. As of today, you can hire them from Kuta and Sanur.

You can also count on them to sanitise all jet skis using disinfectant both before and after each outing. Jet Ski Prestige guarantees the proper cleaning and disinfection of jet skis with the comprehensive use of disinfectant before and after every trip, so there’s no cause for concern.

Your journey starts on a boat that is neat and secure!


📍Location: Tuban, Kuta, Bali 80361

🕙Opening hours: Every day 08.00 am–6.00 pm

✍🏽Booking & Info:

2. Wira Water Sport Tanjung Benoa

Green jet ski rented at Wira Water Sport Tanjung Benoa

Specialising in organising water-based activities and delightful outdoor adventures, including jet skiing. This Bali company aims to provide travellers who are on vacation in Bali with the opportunity to participate in various water sports games to enhance their enjoyment of the sun, sea and sand. Visitors can pursue many enjoyable outdoor activities during their holidays in Bali, one of which is jet skiing based in Tanjung Benoa.

They offer exciting trips to popular places with friendly, experienced staff and good facilities for locals and foreign travellers alike. Their team makes sure that the events customers book with them are of good quality, providing customers with a great deal on their vacation in Bali.

They have lower prices for Bali and numerous outdoor activities when compared to the average prices you usually find. You can easily find these good deals on their website.


📍Location: Jalan Segare Kerthi No 1, Tj. Benoa, Nusa Dua, Bali 80361

🕙Opening hours: Every day 08.00 am–9.00 pm

✍🏽Booking & Info:

3. Bali Green Tour

Happy woman on jet ski from Bali Green Tour

There are many things in Bali you cannot miss. Among them is your experience with the Bali Green Tour. They promise to give you the ride of your life, in English, of course, and show you Bali with a personal touch.

They look to make your visit to Bali a special and fun vacation that doesn’t have to be too expensive. They have many different tours to make sure you have a great time on the island without any worries. One of them is a jet ski experience that includes an experienced team that can guide you and have fun at the same time. They provide you with great service and reasonable prices for jet skis!


📍Location: Jln Suwer Sari, Gg Pesona no. 21, Denpasar, Bali

🕙Opening hours: Every day 08.00 am–9.00 pm

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4. Bali Amarta Watersport

The group of people on Jet skis from Bali Amarta Watersport company

Bali Amarta is a well-known watersport provider in Bali with three branch offices that are located in Sanur, Kuta, and Lembongan Island.

They provide jet skiing as one of the water sports activities because they understand that the thrill of riding your jet ski and discovering the picturesque Bali Island from the sea is what makes visitors truly love engaging in jet ski adventures. Their experienced crew will guide you along the way.

One of their famous water activities is Jetsurf, a cool game where you can ride on a surfboard that has a motor to help you surf with less effort. Plus, they provide many more games.

They also have different kinds of boat trips, such as snorkelling, diving, fishing, and sunset cruises. All these activities are included in their packages, so you don’t have to worry about anything else except relaxing and having fun!


📍Location: Jl. Pantai Airport, Tuban, Kec, Kuta, Bali 80361

🕙Opening hours: Every day 08.00 am–9.00 pm

✍🏽Booking & Info:

5. Bali Jetpacks and Water Sports

Bali Jetpacks and Water Sports' jet ski on the water

Bali has a lot for you to do on land with your friends or family. But everything doesn’t have to limit itself to the land when you’re on an island! No matter if you’re part of a couple or parents with children, water sports is for you.

At Bali Jetpacks and Water Sports, you get a customer-front, tailor-made service. They operate in Nusa Dua, so beautiful beaches and luxury hotels are right around the corner!

They, too, run out of Kanur, so there are many tourist spots that go unnoticed. But with their expert guides, you can see Bali like never seen before. The reviews online suggested that it’s best for the visitors to get in touch with the company on their WhatsApp before reaching the destination. You know, for a quicker service and all that. Ask all your questions up ahead, and once you’re there, all you have to do is give them your name! Et Viola! You can jetstream off to fly fish in no time.

P.S.: You might just get discounts on parasailing or any other water sports when you go in with a group! You can make your payment using cash or credit card, so don’t worry about the fee!


📍Location: Jl Pratama, Benoa South Kuta, Bali 80361

🕙Opening hours: Every day 09.30 am–4.00 pm

✍🏽Booking & Info:

The average price to rent a jet ski in Bali

The man is driving jet ski in Bali from one of the best rental companies

On average, the jet ski prices in Bali are around US $50 per half hour. This includes a life jacket, but if you want an instructor or insurance, you will have to pay extra. Prices vary depending on the time of year. Certain weather may be more unpredictable, so it’s best to take a driver along during a harsher climate.

Jet Ski Rental Prices

US $50 for a half hour. Most places will charge you $50 for 30 minutes. This is usually in touristy places where they have a decent footfall to rely on.

US $100 for a half hour. During peak seasons however, you can expect to double the money to get in the waters on a jet ski. If you can afford this, the view from the ocean is mesmerizing!

US $200 per day. Do you want to travel the coast on the jet ski? You can! Jet ski rentals for the entire day costs only $200! However, this comes with a set of instructions and a numbers of areas you cannot go on your own for your safety. But there are a lot of attractions you can still spot from them!

Expert Opinion

When surrounded by the beautiful ocean and living in Bali for ten years, as I have, you cannot overlook the water sports activities available here. Jet skiing will give you sensations of thrill and excitement at the same time as making the most of the natural environment.

My best experience of jet skiing in Bali was with the Wira water sports at Tanjung Benoa. I went there to try their banana boats and the floating donut boat experience. After finishing with the banana boat and the floating donut, one of the guides offered me a good package of jet skis and I just took it. It turned out to be an unforgettable experience for me. Their guides are credible and know what they are doing, the safety guidelines are clear and they provide you with clean safety equipment!

Jet skiing is one of the most popular water sports in Bali. If you are planning a holiday in Bali soon, then you should consider going jet skiing. It’s a great way to see the beauty of Bali from sea level.

Jet skiing can be a fun, adventurous water activity that you can add to your holiday itinerary.


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