Best Snorkeling Spots in Amed

By Putri, 2024.01.23

The Best Snorkeling in Amed awaits you! As beautiful as Amed may be, it isn’t necessarily the first place you think of when you go to Bali, Indonesia. After all, it’s not where the hip restaurants and the parties are at. But if you’ve never found your way in this part of the island, you’re missing out. This place is great for anyone who likes snorkeling because of the beautiful views (both above and underwater), as well as lively marine life and coral reefs. Or, if you’re at least open to exploring, definitely go here!

Snorkeling under the water in the Best Snorkeling Spots in Amed

So, if you want to experience a side of Bali that many don’t explore, consider this your sign. The underwater world will surprise you.

1. Jemeluk Bay

The Man is snorkeling in Jemeluk Bayw waters

Jemeluk Bay is easily one of the most popular travel destinations for anyone who likes to snorkel. Because of the calm, azure waters with a few waves when the weather is a bit stormy, it’s easier for divers to appreciate the coral gardens and the diverse, mesmerising underwater life. Apart from corals, some of what you’ll see include clownfish, angelfish, parrotfish, and even sea turtles. Definitely an underwater paradise worth seeing!

Details about Jemeluk Bay:

💸Average price at Jemeluk Bay: US $19 per person

📍Location: MM65+MW9 Jemeluk Bay, Bunutan, Abang, Bali 80852

⭐Reviews: 9/10

💻Operator: Ecodive Bali


☎️Jemeluk Bay phone number: (0363) 23482

2. Japanese Shipwreck

The man is diving in Japanese Shipwreck

This is truly a hidden gem of Amed. For those seeking a more adventurous snorkeling experience, the Japanese Shipwreck is a mysterious spot worth exploring. Located just off the main coast, this sunken World War II ship offers a unique snorkeling experience for those who are interested in both history and fantastic ocean views. As you swim around the wreckage, you’ll be amazed by the amazing coral reefs and the variety of fish that have made the ship their home.

Keep an eye out for lionfish, moray eels, and even reef sharks (they are scared of you more than you are of them). The Japanese Shipwreck is indeed a thrilling snorkeling spot that will leave you in awe of Bali’s underwater world.

Details about Japanese Shipwreck:

💸Average price at Japanese Shipwreck: US $20 per person

📍Location: Jl. Karangasem – Seraya, Bunutan, Kec. Abang, Bali 80852

⭐Reviews: 9/10

💻Operator: Amed Ocean Boat Trip


☎️Japanese Shipwreck phone number: (0857) 39419970

3. Amed Beach

The man is snorkeling among the fish at Amed Beach

Bali snorkeling is more interesting at Amed Beach because of its renowned black volcanic sand. Like with the other places on this list, this gives you access to thriving marine life. But the sun just strikes the black sands so beautifully, making it a great backdrop to the fishes and corals underneath.

Details about Amed Beach:

💸Average price at Amed Beach: US $23 per person

📍Location: Amed St, Bunutan, Abang, Amed, Bali 80852

⭐Reviews: 9/10

💻Operator: Amed Snorkeling Trip


☎️Amed Beach phone number: (081) 529826344

4. Selang Beach Bunutan

The man is snorkeling at the Selang Beach Bunutan in Bali

Whether you’re an amateur or an expert who just wants a captivating snorkeling experience, this option might be just perfect for you.

In fact, this is where I tried snorkeling for the first time! The waters here are surprisingly calm while also transparent and beautiful, which gave me a lot of confidence to give snorkeling a try, even if I’m not the strongest swimmer. So, if you like a gentle introduction to this leisurely activity, this place gives you a chance to experience exactly that.

Details about Selang Beach Bunutan:

💸Average price at Selang Beach Bunutan: US $20 per person

📍Location: Bunutan, Abang, Bali 80852

⭐Reviews: 9/10

💻Operator: Sudi Boat Trips


☎️Selang Beach Bunutan phone number: (0857) 39419970

5. Amed Wall Jemeluk Bay

Woman is snorkeling in Amed Wall Jemeluk Bay

Are you up for a challenge? Amed Wall should be on your list of snorkeling sites. However, tour guides don’t recommend this for beginners. So, if it’s your first time, try out other options on this list. But if you feel you already have the skills for this course, go for it! You’ll love the underwater cliffs. The variety of marine life plus the coral garden are worth the effort. But remember, safety first! Keep an eye out for reef sharks, turtles, and even the occasional manta ray!

Details about Amed Wall Jemeluk Bay:

💸Average price at Amed Wall Jemeluk Bay: US $19 per person

📍Location: MM65+MW9 Jemeluk Bay, Bunutan, Abang, Bali 80852

⭐Reviews: 9/10

💻Operator: Amed Fun Snorkeling


☎️Amed Wall Jemeluk Bay phone number: (081) 529276203

6. The Pyramids

The Pyramids - snorkeling spot in the depth of the ocean.

If you consider yourself an adventure seeker, The Pyramids has everything you’re looking for. As a diver, you should always be ready for the worst currents and underwater conditions. So, if you like to test what you’re made of, this snorkeling spot will give you a run for your money. At the depth of this course, you’ll have to find your way through coral formations before getting to the largest schools of fish that you’ll see without scuba diving. My advice? Make sure to bring quality snorkeling equipment with you to avoid issues in the middle of the dive.

Details about The Pyramids:

💸Average price at The Pyramids: US $20 per person

📍Location: MM83+29F, Purwakerti, Kec. Abang, Bali 80852

⭐Reviews: 9/10

💻Operator: Dive with Jim


☎️The Pyramids phone number: (0878) 18436691

7. Lipah Beach

Snorkeling among the fish in the Lipah Beach.

Lipah Bay is another great snorkeling spot in the area that all sea fans will love. Plus, it’s safe enough to be tried by tourists of all swimming skill levels. And once you’re under, I think you’ll agree that everywhere you look is Instagram-worthy. Just a short distance from the shore, you’d see a lot of Indonesian tropical fish species alongside more popular ones like butterflyfish and parrotfish. And after enjoying the abundance of marine life on the snorkeling site, you can chill at the white sand beach and just enjoy the view above water!

Details about Lipah Beach:

💸Average price at Lipah Beach: US $20 per person

📍Location: JMXM+HMJ, Jl. Raya Lipah, Bunutan, Kec. Abang, Bali 80852

⭐Reviews: 9/10

💻Operator: Ocean Explore


☎️Lipah Beach phone number: (0857) 38855336

8. USAT Liberty

USAT Liberty - the great spot for the scuba divers.

Although more popular with scuba divers, USAT Liberty can also be a great spot for snorkelers. The drop-off is not as shallow as the Japanese Shipwreck, but it still makes for a fun experience.

How visible your dive spot will be depends on many different factors, including the number of divers in the area, the tides, and the currents. But if you happen to take your chance in the best conditions, you’ll understand why I included it on the list. Apart from the wreck site, you may also see barracudas, groupers, snappers, and reef sharks in the area.

Details about USAT Liberty:

💸Average price at USAT Liberty: US $20 per person

📍Location: PHGV+867, Tulamben, Kec. Kubu, Bali 80852

⭐Reviews: 9/10

💻Operator: Liberty Wreck Dive


☎️USAT Liberty phone number: (0858) 57609199

Expert Opinion about Best Snorkeling in Amed

I have lived on this beautiful island for roughly ten years, and it’s still as much of a paradise to me as when I first moved here. I genuinely believe that Amed, Bali is a hidden gem for snorkeling enthusiasts: it boasts crystal-clear waters teeming with vibrant marine life. I love the underwater world, and Amed offers the perfect scenery of an island paradise. It has a blue sky, a beautiful mountain view, and an ideal natural landscape to give you the best relaxation experience. So here are my best selections of diving spots in Bali.

Jemeluk Bay, a Japanese shipwreck, and Selang Beach, Bunutan

I chose them because of the fantastic sea life and objects, such as a shipwreck scene! This spot under the water gave me goosebumps and excitement at the same time. Trust me, it would be unforgettable if you chose this experience! Not to mention the beautiful coral reef surrounding you – the marine life here is beyond imaginable beauty.

Snorkeling in Amed is perfect scenery if you want to have a different kind of experience with your loved ones, friends, or even family! If you are going to Bali for its nature and adventures, Amed is one of the best options for you!


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