Find the Best Burgers in Seminyak, our Top List

By Putri, 2024.05.13

They’re large, juicy, and absolutely mouthwatering. In order to bring you the greatest burgers in Seminyak, Bali, we devoured our way throughout the island. And yes, we had to embrace some delicious messiness that comes with exploring where to eat in Seminyak!

We absolutely adore indulging in lunch and dinner in Seminyak. But nothing beats a big ol’ juicy burger, packed to the brim with mouth-watering ingredients like luscious, smoky meat, crunchy lettuce, a generous amount of sticky sauce, and an abundance of ooey-gooey cheese. We won’t even begin to discuss the fries. Oh, the fries…

Whether you prefer a traditional beef burger, a pork whopper or one of the gourmet varieties smothered in truffle aioli, crispy bacon, miso-glazed eggplant or even vegan deep-fried bliss, we have uncovered the best food in Seminyak, Bali that will leave you wanting more. Prepare to get your hands dirty, because we’re about to bring you people plenty of food and answer the burning question, “Who makes the best burger near me?”

People are eating in one of the best burger bars in Seminyak

1. BO$$MAN

This burger joint is ideal for both fast bites and substantial meals if you’re in the mood for some food while you’re in Seminyak Square. Although they might just serve the best burgers in Seminyak, Bali, the price can be higher than what you’re accustomed to in your hometown.

BO$$MAN - the building with the sign of the bar


A pleasant spot to dine, thanks to the contemporary decor and spotless cleanliness, as well as the air conditioning. Even in the middle of the night, the staff is incredibly helpful and pleasant. The burgers are huge, juicy and flavoursome. Some food options may come with delicious cheese or barbecue toppings, so don’t forget to thoroughly examine the menu before you make an order!

American style interior and food in BO$$MAN


The one and only drawback is the cramped space, which makes parking a bit of a hassle. Also, you’ll have to find a nearby toilet if you need to go, because there are no such facilities on the premises. However, with branches in both Seminyak and Canggu, your options for locations are doubled!

Tables and chairs in minimalist style in the hall of BO$$MAN

Detailed Info About BO$$MAN:

💸 Average price at BO$$MAN: US $6

🍽️ Cuisine: American, Bar

❤️ Kids-Friendly

🕙 Opening hours: 11 AM–3 AM

🌟 On Bali Expert Review Score: 10/10

Google Reviews 4.6/5

Tripadvisor: 4.5/5

☎️ Call BO$$MAN: +62 812 39167070

📲 Instagram:

2. The Butchers Club

Located on Jalan Petitenget, Bali’s Butchers Club Steakhouse has been serving dry-aged beef since 2015. The restaurant and bar span 12,000 square feet. This eatery is a member of the illustrious Butchers Club franchise, making it a contender for the best burger in Bali.

The hall of The Butchers Club with the people and waitress


Grilled beef burgers and steak are the restaurant’s specialties, but they also provide a large selection of poultry, fresh salads, and sides. Every day, they start with fresh, high-quality ingredients sourced from Bali and Australia to craft their grilled classics and new variations. At the Butchers Club Steakhouse, you can get dry-aged grass-fed beef and premium cut Australian grain. They never freeze their burger patties; instead, we grind them fresh every day. There are no fillers, binders, or unnecessary fats used in the making of the patties. The burgers’ signature juiciness comes from the meat cuts they use.

The most delicious burger and te beer at The hall of The Butchers Club


The bun is a family secret — a secret bread recipe that is both soft and sturdy — enough to support the bulky meat and keep it from crumbling in the face of the meat’s natural juices. You will enjoy both the food and atmosphere here — probably that’s why this place shows up at the top if you search for the ‘best burger near me.’

People are drinking beer and eating burger in The Butchers Club

Detailed Info About The Butcher Club:

💸 Average price at The Butcher Club: US $30

🍽️ Cuisine: Australian, Bar

🕙 Opening hours: 7 AM–11 PM

❤️ Family-Friendly

🌟 On Bali Expert Review Score: 10/10

Google Reviews 4.5/5

Tripadvisor: 4/5

☎️ Call The Butcher Club: +62 361 8974004

📲 Instagram:

3. Corner House

Wanna know where to eat in Seminyak? The Corner House is the answer. Located in the heart of Seminyak, the restaurant is enormous, has a great vibe, and has nightly live music. You may need to return for a second visit to try everything on the extensive menu.

The sign of Corner House on the fence at the entrance to the bar


You can find something on their menu that suits your taste. You won’t be let down whether you’re craving American, Indonesian, finger food, or a fine dining Gordon Ramsay creation. The house burger and their fried chicken with mashed potatoes are two of the most popular recommended dishes. A large variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are also available.

Burger, veggie drink and stylih decor of Corner House


You should definitely make a reservation in advance because the restaurant becomes really busy. Although the service may be a bit sluggish at times, the food more than compensates. Much like other downtown restaurants, the pricing is on the higher side. However, at this establishment, you’re not merely paying for the meal; you’re paying for the entire experience. You should give it a go at least once to judge for yourself if they have the best burger in Seminyak.

The visitors of Corner House restaurant in one of the main hall

Detailed Info About The Corner House:

💸 Average price at The Corner House: US $8

🍽️ Cuisine: American, Bar

🕙 Opening hours: 7 AM–12 AM

❤️ Family-Friendly

🌟 On Bali Expert Review Score: 10/10

Google Reviews 4.4/5

Tripadvisor: 4/5

☎️ Call The Corner House: +62 813 37509840

📲 Instagram:

4. Johnny Rockets

Australian meat makes for delicious burgers and these guys know how to make it taste good. The service is great, as the staff is constantly cheerful and attentive. The place offers delightful and intriguing accompaniments to the main courses. Overall, it’s a lovely spot to have lunch in Seminyak.

Typical table in the restaurant Johnny Rockets


Notably tender and sugary are their buns. The cost may appear steep at first, but when you include the sides, the whole value becomes much more reasonable. The flavor of the food, the drinks, the crispy chips — everything here will be exciting for your stomach.

Johnny Rockets - big burgers with the french fries


No matter if you want to shop in-store or online, you’ll always get your order quickly. Everyone working there is really kind and willing to lend a hand. The customer service is much better because of the air conditioning and the convenient parking immediately outside. Dinner in Seminyak has never tasted better!

Happy men are having a dinner in Johnny Rockets

Detailed Info About Johnny Rockets:

💸 Average price at Johnny Rockets: US $6

🍽️ Cuisine: Australian, Bar

🕙 Opening hours: 11 AM–3 AM

❤️ Family-Friendly, Pet-Friendly

🌟 On Bali Expert Review Score: 10/10

Google Reviews 4.2/5

Tripadvisor: 4.5/5

☎️ Call Johnny Rockets: +62 882 19219787

📲 Instagram:

5. 2080 Burger Seminyak

Here you will find expertly produced beers, smoked brisket, and burgers with a burst of taste. Great staff as an added bonus. Without a doubt, it’s one of the greatest burger spots in Bali, making it the answer to the question ‘where to eat in Seminyak’!

Tray with a huge number of different burgers from 2080 Burger Seminyak


This relaxed burger joint is an ideal spot if you are into delectable fast food. Deliciousness overload! The buns are tender, and the burgers are juicy. Both the beef brisket and the fries are out of this world.

The juicy fresh burgers in 2080 Burger Seminyak restaurant


Despite its diminutive size and relative obscurity, this burger joint serves delicious food. There are a lot of flies, unfortunately, because it’s outdoors. The excellent burgers, though, make it worthwhile to stop by!

2080 Burger Seminyak kitchen - the man is showing burger making process

Detailed Info About 2080 Burger:

💸 Average price at 2080 Burger: US $8

🍽️ Cuisine: Australian, Asian, Bar

🕙 Opening hours: 9 AM–12 AM

❤️ Family-Friendly

🌟 On Bali Expert Review Score: 10/10

Google Reviews 4.6/5

Tripadvisor: 5/5

☎️ Call 2080 Burger: +62 817 70202080

📲 Instagram:

When you’re craving a hearty meal, nothing beats a burger, and Bali is home to some of the world’s best. Various sorts of softly toasted brioche buns (including gluten-free alternatives), savoury beef patties, crunchy fried chicken, crumbed fish, and an assortment of gourmet condiments. Fries are an essential part of any burger. Crunchy fried potato slices tossed with herb aioli or classic tomato sauce, made from fresh potatoes. You get to decide from the list we have created above. No need to worry, vegans! You can also get burgers at most of our fave restaurants, and they serve more than just salad to whet the appetite you’ve no doubt worked up after reading all that.

Expert Opinion About The Best Burgers in Seminyak

However, before you go on an adventure of tasting all the flavours that these burger joints have to offer, let me give you a little bit of advice about where to eat in Seminyak. Having been a Balinese resident for years, I am going to suggest a few places from the above list itself that will give you your favourite chicken burger or beef patty with pickles, onion rings, cheddar cheese, and a cool beer to complement your lunch and dinner in Seminyak. And they’ll do it at low prices, too.

So, without further ado, here are our top three picks for food in Seminyak:

  • Corner House
  • 2080 Burger Seminyak
  • Johnny Rockets

Ever since Fat Tony closed, it has been difficult to recommend good burgers in Seminyak, Bali, but that is a problem no longer! Pick your bite from any of these places and you won’t be disappointed! Make up your own mind about which one tops the ‘best burger near me’ list!


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