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You should know that Bali Island is perfect for dirt bike enthusiasts. Riding a motorbike is the best way to experience the island’s numerous stunning waterfalls, beaches, and other attractions, many of which are distinctive of Indonesia.

Bali is the ideal vacation spot if you like to spend your day riding around.

List of the Best Bike Rentals in Bali

Couple reneted bike at the Reliable Bike Rentals in Bali
  • 1. Gorilla Bike Rental

    Gorilla Bike Rental - one of the places for renting bike n Bali

    Renting a bike from Gorilla Bike Rental is a great way to save money on your island adventure. Affordable, well-maintained scooters and bicycles are for sale there. Because of this, you may savour your time in Bali to the fullest. As an added convenience, Gorilla Bike Rental will even deliver the bikes to your hotel, allowing you to get on the bike without delay.

    You can find cars with and without surf racks; they’re all different. The most cost-effective option is a 125 cc Honda Vario, which can be yours for about $5 each day in the US. Two helmets are provided with each rental bike to ensure the safety of both you and your travelling buddy.

    In Canggu, Umalas, Kerobokan, or Seminyak, they will gladly transport your rented bike to you at no extra cost. When you’re through with the bike, they’ll even come retrieve it from you. For an additional fee, you have the option to have your rental car arranged to be met at Denpasar Airport before your arrival.

    Detailed Info About Gorilla Bike Rental:

    💸 Average cost: US $5 daily–US $55 monthly

    📍 Location: Kec. Kuta Utara, Bali 80117

    🚲 Types of bikes available: Automatic bike (Nmax, Pcx, Soopy, Vario, Adv, etc.)

  • 2. Bali Big Bike Rental

    The red scooter from Bali Big Bike Rental

    Bali Big Bike Rental has a range of vehicles for hire that include Honda CRF 150L dirtbikes, Yamaha N-Max 155 cc, and other bigger scooters available for your adventure. The rental includes:

    Free delivery, 24/7 road assistance, secure payment online, two sanitised helmets, insurance, a mobile phone holder, and a waterproof poncho.

    Their offices are in Kerobokan (near Seminyak) and Nusa Dua. This is a good choice if you’re planning to stay on the East Coast of Bali.

    If you want to see more of the island, it’s a good idea to rent a stronger scooter. You can easily and comfortably ride these bigger bikes to the north of the island, through the Kintamani area, and even further to Munduk. A regular small scooter is not very comfortable to ride so far.

    Detailed Info About Bali Big Bike Rental:

    💸 Average cost: US $20 daily–US $65 monthly

    📍 Location: Seminyak, Kec. Kuta, Bali 80361

    🚲 Types of bikes available: Large-sized scooter, large bike, dirt bike

  • 3. Aska Custom Bike Rental

    Two men rented bikes from Aska Custom Bike Rental in Bali

    Aska Custom Bike Rental is a business that is made for people who eschew the comfort of a car and want to tour Bali on their wheels! You can book any number of Kawasaki, Ducati, Triumph, BMW, Honda, or Yamaha vehicles to take you from your accommodation to the beach and vice versa. Get yourself a fuel-efficient bike or moped and explore areas you wouldn’t have otherwise!

    Every rental comes with helmets that meet the safety standards of the Western region. If you want, you can also have a surf rack attachment with your rental. The prices of Aska Custom motorbikes match the quality of their bikes.

    Aska can bring items right to your villa in Kuta, Canggu, or Seminyak. There is a small fee for this service. What’s even better is that they also provide guided motorbike tours in rural Bali and on the beaches. If you need help trying out motorbike life in Bali, these guys are the ones to talk to.

    Detailed Info About Aska Custom Bike Rental:

    💸 Average cost: US $15 daily–US $60 monthly

    📍 Location: Jl Imam Bonjol 352, Denpasar Bali

    🚲 Types of bikes available: custom bike

  • 4. Ubud Scooter Rental

    Scooter for two from Ubud Scooter Rental in Bali

    Ubud is still a place that many tourists like to visit, but things are a bit cheaper there compared to other places. Ubud Scooter Rental is a great place to get a bike for a very low cost. You can rent them for as low as 30K IDR (US $2) per day, so it won’t cost you a lot of money during your vacation.

    Don’t anticipate anything amazing or unusual. This is a regular scooter rental shop with basic but reliable models. They have Honda and Yamaha scooters that are in good condition, although all couples should make sure they check the tires and brakes before leaving the rental place.

    Detailed Info About Ubud Scooter Rental:

    💸 Average cost: US $5 daily–US $65 monthly

    📍 Location: Jl. Raya Pengosekan, Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud, Bali 80571

    🚲 Types of bikes available: scooter, large-sized motorbike

  • 5. Treasure Garage

    White cafe racer rented at Treasure Garage in Bali

    Treasure Garage believes in the strength of being unique. This is the reason why this company has poured its complete energy and passion into constructing each bicycle. Making sure that every item is special and different, just like its owner.

    At Treasure Garage, they have many services that can be customised to your preferences. If you want a special bike for exploring, going on a trip to Bali, or even just for fun rides around your neighbourhood, they can help you. If you enjoy old-fashioned and large customised motorcycles, then Treasure Garage is the perfect place for you.

    They also have technicians who can help to maintain and fix motorcycles and scooters so that they run well.

    Detailed Info About Treasure Garage:

    💸 Average cost: US $18 daily–US $70 monthly

    📍 Location: Jl. Raya Padonan No. 2, Tibubeneng, Kec. Kuta Utara, Bali 80351

    🚲 Types of bikes available: custom bike

  • 6. Bali Bike House

    Black scooter rented in Bali Bike House

    If you’re looking for a modern motorbike rental place to help you journey across the roads of Bali, then Bali Bike House is something you should definitely check out. Regardless of the manner of the two-wheeler – a Vespa or a Harley – they have the perfect model for you to beat traffic with if you can’t find a driver!

    Bike House also gives the best customer support to all of its customers. Grab your helmet and keep your driver’s license handy, though! And be sure to avail yourself of any discounts on the price.

    Detailed Info About Bali Bike House:

    💸 Average cost: US $5 daily–US $20 monthly

    📍 Location: https://balibikehouse.com/

    🚲 Types of bikes available: Scooter, large-sized bike

  • 7. Bali Motion Pro

    Scotter Yamaha X Max rented at Bali Motion Pro

    Taking an Indonesian holiday on a Suzuki is not exactly commonplace, but it makes for a wonderful experience! Bali Motion Pro are, well, pros! You can get information on all the bikes they have and choose one with the power and speed you need to take you through the island’s many parts!

    Detailed Info About Bali Motion Pro:

    💸 Average cost: US $5 daily–US $30 monthly

    📍 Location: Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai No. 24, Kuta, Kec. Kuta, Bali 80361

    🚲 Types of bikes available: Scooter, large-sized bike

Expert opinion

As a person who has been living in Bali for over ten years, I think that the best bike rentals are:

Bali Bike Rental, Gorrila Bike Rental, and Treasure Garage.

These companies all put performance above all else and give you tips on how to maximise your time on their two-wheelers. They are ready to engage all your queries in English and give you access to all the motorcycle destinations and landscapes you can reach. It is well worth the deposit if you ask me!

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