Top 5 Seafood Restaurants in Bali

By Putri, 2023.12.04

Knowing that Paradise Island now has so many options for best seafood restaurants in Bali, it will likely be confusing for you to choose the best for yourself. Especially if this will be your first time visiting Bali. We will make your life easier!

Shrimps served on the table in one of the Top 5 Seafood Restaurants in Bali

1. Kisik Lounge & Seafood Restaurant Jimbaran

Kisik Lounge & Seafood Restaurant is a beautiful eatery on the Ayana Estate in Jimbaran. Placed within an idyllic setting, one which boasts spectacular views of the ocean and neighbouring beaches, the lounge has an entire menu of delicious seafood to choose from. Visitors can choose their preferred dishes by checking out the restaurant’s display and seeing what takes their fancy.


Kisik has an impressive variety of shellfish, including fresh lobsters, prawns, shrimps, calamari, and oysters. They also have grilled tuna, calamari, swordfish, and other fresh seasonal fish caught daily. If you’d rather have a meal free of seafood, their menu also has different types of satays, such as beef and chicken, as well as delicious beef tenderloin.


Looking for a more intimate atmosphere? Kisik’s private dinner option, Pesta Lobster, offers the perfect romantic dinner experience: an extraordinary gourmet experience beneath the glittering night sky.

💸Average price at Kisik Lounge: US $40

⭐Reviews: 10/10

🚘Service: Dine-in, takeaways

🕙Kisik Lounge Opening hours: 5.30 pm

2. Ijen (at Potato Head Bali)

Ijen is a seafood restaurant in Bali located in Seminyak’s creative village called Desa Potato Head. It is known for its innovative ideas, unique approach to seafood dishes, and interesting furniture and food philosophy.

Created with a strong focus on minimising waste, every aspect of this project, from the dishes to the design, is aimed at promoting sustainability. In addition to the unique decor, each table has an interactive menu where customers can choose their favourite seafood dish via an online platform.


The food is amazing, the service is amazing, the people are amazing. The menu is simple and easy to choose from. All of their dishes are made fresh and cooked with love. They also use organic ingredients whenever possible, which makes us love them even more.


Of course, we are primarily interested in the food. At Ijen, they prepare a delicious menu that is also healthy. Divided into Cold, Grilled, Sides, and Desserts, the simple selection makes it easy to decide: there’s a little something for every category.

💸Average price at Ijen: US $45

⭐Reviews: 10/10

🚘Service: Dine-in, takeaways

🕙Ijen opening hours: 12.00 pm

3. The Fisherman Club Sanur

The Fisherman Club at Andaz Bali Resort is a restaurant that is about something other than being fancy. However, it does offer a top-notch dining experience thanks to the great variety of seafood and meat dishes. Found not far away from Sanur Beach and Denpasar Airport, the place makes the most of its tropical surroundings; from its mesmerising outside area, you can fall in love with a breathtaking ocean view while enjoying your meal.


Dishes served at the Fisherman Club are inspired mainly by traditional Jimbaran cuisine. If you’re into something filling, give a shot to The Fisherman’s Burger. And yes, it’s a fish burger! Made with fresh fish or grilled tuna, it will definitely indulge your buds. If you’d prefer just a light bite to eat, you might opt for their salad menu, which is pretty impressive, too.


Apart from enjoying the magnificent sunset views and delicious food, you can also experience their fish showcase. What can be better than watching the freshest catches of the day with a glass of white wine (even if you didn’t catch it)?

💸Average price at Fisherman Club: US $30

⭐Reviews: 9/10

🚘Service: Dine-in, takeaways

🕙Fisherman Club opening hours: 11.00 am

4. Starfish Bloo Eatery Seminyak

The oceanfront Starfish Bloo eatery at W Bali is one of the most excellent fish eateries this incredible food culture has to offer. Seminyak presents a menu with extraordinary neighbourhood energy, where all the fish offerings are sourced freshly from the Indian Sea daily, served beside crisp, hand-picked vegetables taken from the resort’s exceptional plantations, and rice gathered from nearby paddy areas.


Enjoy crowd-pleasing top picks for seafood lovers, such as the Softshell Crab with sweet corn sauce, parmesan chips, flame-broiled corn, and chilli oil; Shellfish Graten with neighbourhood spinach, and sambal hijau; Prawn Gyoza with celery, cabbage, soya sauce, and chilli padi; and Bluefin Fish Stomach with toro, avocado, strawberry, smoked yoghurt, orange, and sesame dressing.


The new menu at Starfish Bloo Eatery, Cucina Dal Cuore, is now available for all visiting seafood cuisine enthusiasts. From the Starters menu, relish the Clams Garang Asam with cherry tomato, bilimbi, and basil oil and Burned Hokkaido Scallops with carrot purée with cumin, simmered child carrot, and cured carrot.

💸Average price at Starfish Bloo Eatery: US $40

⭐Reviews: 9/10

🚘Service: Dine-in, takeaways

🕙Starfish Bloo Eatery opening hours: 11.00 am

5. Ikan Eatery Nusa Dua

Seafood is a staple in the Balinese diet. As such, you will find that most restaurants here in Bali have a large selection of seafood dishes. The menu at Ikan Eatery is no exception to this rule.


The chef at this particular restaurant provides guests with a range of exquisite fish dishes. Generally, it’s best to share dishes with the table so that you can taste everything the menu offers, from Ikan Eatery’s little nibbles and tapas to its mains and desserts.


Their signature dish is called The Cingklak, which is a one-of-a-kind sharing platter motivated by the conventional Indonesian wooden playing board, where an assortment of appetisers are served on the ‘singular’, comprising Lombok shellfish fresh, scaled-down angle sate lilit with sambal matah, perkedel jagung with whipped tofu mayo, crab spring roll with belimbing wuluh salsa, chicken satay, and hamburger satay. For organic options, try Bulung, a conventional ocean growth serving of mixed greens made of burned fish and kuah pindang scented dressing. For the Mains, don’t miss out on the flavourful Fish XO Noodle, stir-fried egg noodles with XO sauce and blended fish, infant green bok choy, and pickle.

💸Average price at Ikan Eatery: US $45

⭐Reviews: 10/10

🚘Service: Dine-in, takeaways

🕙Ikan Eatery opening hours: 10.00 am

Expert Opinion about Best Seafood Restaurants in Bali

First things first, I love seafood! This is one of the main reasons I moved to this beautiful island ten years ago, and I have been exploring the seafood options that this island has until today.

So here are the top three best seafood restaurants that I would love to share:

Kisik Restaurant, Ikan restaurant, Ijen restaurant.

These three restaurants are my best choices because of the consistently high food quality, impeccable hygiene, and excellent service.

There are many seafood restaurants, and the warung is something that you should try if you come to Bali to explore the local attractions.

Enjoy Bali and its richness!


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