Gay Bars in Bali

By Putri, 2023.12.04

Indonesia has a long history of being an open-minded place, tolerant of gay people and lesbians. Local lore says that Bali was created by the gods after a union between an ascetic priest and a beautiful woman from Java, a tale that is understood to symbolise openness. Balinese culture welcomes diversity; as a result, LGBTQIA+ travellers have been visiting the island, its hotels and clubs for decades.

Party at one of the Gay Bars in Bali

Mixwell Bar Bali

Bar counter and bartenders in Mixwell Bar Bali

Mixwell Bar Bali is a gay bar located in the centre of the island’s gay nightlife area. It is a fun and lively place to go. Jalan Camplung Tanduk Street, also known as Dhyana Pura, is where you can find most of the gay nightlife on the island. The location and lack of any cost to enter make the area a good place for visiting different bars, especially since the popular gay bar, Bali Joe’s, is right next door.

The night starts with drag shows, then turns into late-night dancing. Many straight tourists visit the gay bar, too, because they enjoy the drag performances.


πŸ“ Location:

πŸ‘‘ Entertainment: bar, dancing, sassy drag showΒ 

πŸ•™ Opening hours: 7.00 pm–03.00 amΒ 

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Bali Joe Bar

Dancing and cheerful people in Bali Joe Bar

Situated in Bali’s Seminyak, the Bali Joe Bar is a highly frequented establishment that is especially popular with the gay community. This place is well-known for fun drag shows and attractive dancers from Bali who start performing at 10 pm every day. This place is also next to another popular gay bar called Mixwell, so it’s really easy to go back and forth between the two and meet new people if there are no seats available at the table. Bali Joe has a great group of people who come from both outside and inside Bali to have fun together.

Bali Joe is open every day from 4 pm to 3 am for a fun night out. They have continuous performances with drag shows and attractive go-go boys. The bar gets crowded at around 10 pm, which is a great time to come for the shows.


πŸ“ Location:

πŸ‘‘ Entertainment: bar, dancing, drag show, music

πŸ•™ Opening hours: 7.00 pm–03.00 am

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F Bar Bali

DJ and people having fun in a bar

The place is a renowned destination for the gay community to enjoy Bali’s fantastic nightlife. It is located next to Bali Joe and Bottoms Up Bar, two famous gay bars in Seminyak. The bar is a place where you can make new friends and enjoy fun at events like drag shows with performers in flashy outfits and watch attractive go-go boys dance. F Bar is open every day, and the performances typically begin at 10 pm or later. Make sure you know the theme of the night before you go.

It’s really easy and nice to meet and hang out with some new people for a change. F Bar is open every day from 8 pm to 3 am. The bar gets more crowded around 10 pm when the attractive Balinese go-go dancers start performing on the poles.


πŸ“ Location:

πŸ‘‘ Entertainment: bar, live music, dancingΒ 

πŸ•™ Opening hours: 8.00 pm–03.00 amΒ 

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The Bottoms Up Bar

The Bottoms Up Bar logotype

The Bottoms Up Bar is widely recognised as one of the most popular destinations for individuals from the gay community, locals and tourists alike. Located in Seminyak, Bali, it is situated next to Mixwell and Bali Joe, which are two popular bars in the gay community. This place is well-known for exciting performances, including drag shows and shower shows by Balinese men. This makes the bar stand out from the crowd when compared to other nearby venues.

The Bottoms Up gay bar is open every day from 6 pm to 3 am but starts getting crowded around 10 pm when a party starts. A mix of popular songs is played during these shows, with happy guests often being invited to dance and sing along, perhaps while enjoying a few drinks. Sounds like a paradise, right?

Bottoms Up’s relaxed, inclusive atmosphere makes meeting new people and making friends a breeze. Those who enjoy making new friends and dancing to good music are bound to enjoy this gem in the heart of the Balinese gay scene.


πŸ“ Location:

πŸ‘‘ Entertainment: bar, drag show, music

πŸ•™ Opening hours: 6.00 pm–03.00 am

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Stonewall Bali

Dance atmosphere and DJ in Stonewall Bali

Stonewall Bali is a new gay bar that has been added to the range of bars and entertainment businesses on Jalan Camplung Tanduk. The bar opened its doors in July 2023, drawing in a lot of attention and excitement with its Glam Opening in mid-August. Promising go-go-boy dancers, drag shows, and lively performances that celebrate LGBT culture, Stonewall Bali is a place where one and all are accepted and where travellers of all sexualities can feel welcome, accepted, and loved.

Stonewall also boasts a restaurant where they serve lunch and dinner, allowing visitors to mingle and chat while enjoying excellent food and a few drinks in a non-judgmental environment.


πŸ“ Location:

πŸ‘‘ Entertainment: live music, drag show, dance

πŸ•™ Opening hours:Β 12.00 pm–02.00 am

✍🏽 More info: +628113976886

Expert opinion

I have been living in Bali for ten years; in that time, I have come to know it better than any tourist.

The island has a long tradition of tolerance and openness, which makes it a great place for gay tourists. Gay bars in Bali provide a friendly environment for anyone looking for fun times with other LGBT people.

I have a lot of gay friends around Bali and Jakarta, my hometown. Over the weekends, sometimes my friends and I will head to a gay bar just for fun and to enjoy the experience.

So, here are my three selections of the best gay bars in Bali:

Mixwell Bar Bali, Bali Joe, Stonewall Bali

Visitors to all three of these bars will enjoy positive vibes and will feel totally comfortable and at ease. The communities in these spaces welcome all, and the bars themselves are clean and entertaining, offering really good socialising spaces. Some people like to relax with a cocktail or two, while the crowds are very supportive of entertainers, in general!

Rest assured that if you are LGBTQIA+, Bali offers you a safe space where you can have fun and meet some great people! Enjoy Bali!


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