Spirit Festival in Bali, Ubud. 1-5 May, 2024

By Catur, 2024.05.03

People are celebrating and having fun at the Spirit Festival in Bali

Bali Spirit Festival is back in 2024: its 16th year as the best festival for those seeking a spiritual awakening in Bali. Since its first inception in 2008, the festival has become a place of celebration of dance, music, yoga, healing, and friendship and Ubud has been the festival’s host. This year, the festival will be ongoing for five days in Ubud where the global community will merge into one to inspire others and bring a change to the local community and environment.

Bali Spirit Festival: The Festival of Yoga in Indonesia

Girls in traditional Balinese dresses at Bali Spirit Festival

Bali Spirit Festival was first held in 2008 by a trio of individuals who wanted to create a global community where yoga, music events, and dance could combine to create a venue of healing. The bombings in Bali that occurred in 2002 and 2005 impacted tourism on the island, thus, the three co-founders, Robert Weber, Kadek Gunarta, and Meghan Pappenheim, wanted to attract international holistic travellers via a festival that upheld the Tri Hita Karana, which is a Balinese philosophy about harmony with God, harmony with nature, and harmony with other human beings. Ubud was picked due to its lush environment and its reputation as a holistic experience centre in Bali, providing a perfect place for the festival’s purpose.

Nowadays, the festival attracts thousands of people and is one of the world’s leading yoga festivals. The core of the Bali Spirit Festival hasn’t changed, which is to ensure that anyone can take part in the festival to experience positive change within themselves. Hopefully, this change will then spread to also bring positive change to their community and the environment.

The Bali Spirit Festival Is More Than Just a Dance or Yoga

Happy woman with the fan at Bali Spirit Festival

Tickets for the Bali Spirit Festival are usually sold a few months before the event takes place in Ubud. The festival offers different types of packages, including a 1-Day Music Pass, 1-Night Music Pass, and All Access (providing access to all public yoga, as well as numerous performances). The Bali Spirit Festival 2024 is accompanied by the tagline ‘A Global Celebration of Yoga, Dance, Music, and Healing’. This year, the event will take place at The Yoga Barn and The Puri Padi Hotel.

What can you expect at The Bali Spirit Festival 2024?

Outreach Programs at Bali Spirit Festival 2024

Woman is visiting market at Bali Spirit Festival

The two outreach programs at the Bali Spirit Festival haven’t changed from previous years. These programs become the annual highlights of the festival: Bali Regreen and Ayo! Kita Bicara HIV and AIDS (Let’s Talk HIV & AIDS), which focus on reforestation initiatives, and HIV and AIDS education, respectively.

Since 2010, the Bali Spirit Festival has raised funds for its annual Karma outreach initiatives. The fund has contributed to helping local communities in various ways, such as via children’s programs, education, health awareness (especially about HIV and AIDS) and, of course, environmental protection.

Tips for Bali Spirit Festival 2024

Since this is a popular festival, a large number of people will be participating. To ensure that you have the greatest experience and gain the maximum benefits, please pay attention to the following:

The Bali Spirit Festival 2024 has always been a festival that helps showcase the best of Balinese culture from different angles, through traditions of healing and wellness. Enjoy the experience of healing at the biggest yoga festival in Bali!


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