Chinese New Year

By Putri, 2024.01.14

A girl in national dress gestures to congratulate the Chinese New Year

Traditional Balinese tales of King Jayapangus and Queen Kang Cing Wie shed light on Bali’s long and illustrious history of Chinese influence. During this time, Bali became a centre for Buddhist teachings and other aspects of Chinese culture, and for generations, people of Chinese descent have coexisted with Bali’s native population.

Consequently, all around Bali, you’ll see elaborate Chinese temples called ‘klenteng,’ which are actually shrines inside Balinese temples. On Chinese New Year, a major occasion in Bali’s calendar, these temples will be completely packed with devotees. They will pray for prosperity while red candles and incense sticks burn brightly, with Bali’s canang sari offerings displayed, showcasing a true fusion of cultures.

There are also many holidays and feasts in Bali, where you can see barong sai dragon dances, fireworks, and an abundance of ang pao envelopes.


📆 Date: 10 February
🕙 Time: All day
🏠 Venue: Bali, Indonesia
📍 Location:


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