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By Putri, 2024.01.19

Lion at Safari Experience in Bali

Safari in Bali is not just about its stunning beaches and vibrant culture; the island has also become a popular destination for wildlife enthusiasts. One of the key attractions that has captured the hearts of visitors is the safari parks. This unique experience allows you to get up close and personal with a variety of animals in a natural habitat setting. No wonder the safari park has become a favourite among tourists!

1. Bali Safari & Marine Park

Giraffe couple in Bali Safari & Marine Park

This safari is located in the Gianyar Regency, where wild animals are given homes that resemble their natural environments. This place was created to have a style that combines Balinese culture. Perfect for people of any age to come and visit.

On this safari, you will find many different kinds of rare animals that are in danger of disappearing forever. These animals come from three parts of the world: Indonesia, India, and Africa. Such of these animals, like White Starlings, Owls, Tapirs, Crocodiles, Deer Pigs, and Sumatran Tigers, are very rare. In total, there are over 400 endangered animals that can be found in Indonesia. At this Safari & Marine Park, you can explore a huge rainforest filled with many animals, as well as meet lions, feed the piranhas, and see many animals up close without any cages.

At night, you can see wild tigers walking around in the jungle looking for food. They may come very close to you. Meanwhile, some of the largest animals on earth, like Sumatran elephants and giraffes, are truly delightful to encounter. You can also have a delicious BBQ meal after having fun on the amusements.

If you are going on a vacation to Bali, make sure you visit the safari park called Bali Safari Marine Park. This is a great place for you and your family to have an amazing safari experience!

Details about Bali Safari & Marine Park:

💸Average entrance fee at Bali Safari & Marine Park: US $60/person

📍Location: Jl. Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra No.Km. 19, Serongga, Kec. Gianyar, Bali 80551

🕙Opening hours: 09.00 am–5.30 pm | 6.00 pm–9.00 pm

✍🏽Buy a ticket:

☎️Bali Safari & Marine Park phone number: (0361) 950000

2. Mason Elephant Safari Park

A few young elephants from Mason Elephant Safari Park

Mason Elephant Safari Park was launched in 1997 in response to a heartbreaking situation in Sumatra, where the native elephant population was rapidly decreasing due to widespread deforestation and hunting.

This safari park is the only place in Bali that takes care of and rescues elephants. They have the biggest group of endangered Sumatran elephants in Bali, including six babies that were born here. The park lets people meet and learn about these large animals, which have gained a safe and comfortable place to live.

The park covers an area of 4.5 hectares and has been designed to reflect the natural environments of elephants in Sumatra. The central Bali location was chosen because it has cooler weather and beautiful surroundings. This helps to keep the herd of animals comfortable and healthy.

With their training approach, they avoid being harsh or mean and instead prioritise repetition, rewards, and patience.

Details about Mason Elephant Safari Park:

💸Average entrance fee at Mason Elephant Safari Park: US $55/person

📍Location: Jalan Elephant Safari Park Banjar Desa Taro Tegallalang, Bali 80561

🕙Opening hours:09.00 am–5.00 pm

✍🏽Buy a ticket:

☎️Mason Elephant Safari Park phone number: (0361) 721480

3. Bakas Elephant Safari

The head of elephant in Bakas Elephant Safari

The Bakas Elephant Safari is a very popular activity in Bali, located in Bakas village in the Klungkung Regency. Once here, you can sit on a chair made of teak wood on an elephant’s back and enjoy being transported around the beautiful natural surroundings. Plus, the pleasant noise of the jungle created by the animals provides a calm environment.

You will certainly have an exceptional experience when riding elephants in Bali, where you will feel like royalty. Additionally, the track is also fun because you get to see so many beautiful views while exploring Bakas village.

Details about Bakas Elephant Safari:

💸Average entrance fee: at Bakas Elephant Safari US $35/person

📍Location: F9H5+RG4, Bakas, Kec. Banjarangkan, Bali 80515

🕙Opening hours: 09.00 am–4.00 pm

✍🏽Buy a ticket:

☎️Bakas Elephant Safari phone number: (0361) 289379

4. Monkey Forest Ubud

Little curious monkey in Monkey Forest Ubud

Find out why monkeys are notorious for being, well, naughty! This is a sacred place that has been housing spiritual beings and guardian forces since the 14th century. They practice the Tri Hita Karana, which is the three ways to reach spiritual and physical well-being according to Hinduism.

However, much like the rest of the world, the monkeys here have also evolved. They still have opposable thumbs but no longer want to steal your food. They’ve moved on to taking your gadgets! They might not like the shows you watch, but they will watch you bargain for it!

Details about Monkey Forest Ubud:

💸Average entrance fee at Monkey Forest Ubud: US $25/person

📍Location: Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud, Bali 80571

🕙Opening hours: 09.00 am–5.00 pm

✍🏽Buy a ticket:

☎️Monkey Forest Ubud phone number: (0361) 971304

5. Lovina Dolphin Safari

Dolphins in the water from Lovina Dolphin Safari

Lovina Beach is a well-known spot in Bali where people can go on safari tours to watch dolphins. Dolphins like living in the calm seawater, so this place is perfect for them.

Dolphin Safari Tours at Lovina Beach arise in the morning when the sun rises, and they use a traditional Balinese boat to explore the beautiful blue ocean. The dolphins demonstrate their excitement by leaping and jumping in the deep ocean waves. This is a fun safari trip where you can see adorable marine life and a stunning view of the sunrise over the ocean.

Details about Lovina Dolphin Safari:

💸Average entrance fee at Lovina Dolphin Safari: US $25/person

📍Location: Kawasan Pantai Lovina, Jl. Seririt- Singaraja, Temukus, Kec. Banjar, Bali 81101

🕙Opening hours: 09.00 am–5.00 pm

✍🏽Buy a ticket:

☎️Lovina Dolphin Safari phone number: (0811) 387010

6. Bali Bird Park

Pink flamingos in Bali Bird Park

The Bali Bird Park is the next best safari option in Bali. This zoo has many different kinds of birds for people to see, located in Singapadu Village, Gianyar. It is about two hectares in size and has over 1,000 types of birds from Indonesia, Africa, and South America.

Visitors can walk around the park and see many different kinds of tropical plants. There are 2,000 different species spread throughout the safari area. Plus, in this park, you will be able to get close to eagles, parrots, and toucans. And not just that, you can also take photos with them!

There is a unique bird called the Bali Starling that is native to Bali Island, and you can find it here, too. Visitors can also often see young that have recently hatched. Very attractive, especially for kids.

Details about Bali Bird Park:

💸Average entrance fee at Bali Bird Park: US $22/person

📍Location: Jl. Serma Cok Ngurah Gambir Singapadu, Batubulan, Kec. Sukawati, Bali 80582

🕙Opening hours: 09.00 am–5.30 pm

✍🏽Buy a ticket:

☎️Bali Bird Park phone number: (0361) 299352

7. Bali Bird Walk

Little colorful bird in Bali Bird Walk

Ubud is a popular destination for those who enjoy watching birds. People from all around the globe visit this site for safari activity. The morning walk starts in the Ubud Rice Terraces and heads through Petulu Village, the Begawan Foundation for Bali Starling Conservation, and Goa Aura Goa Lawah. Visitors enjoying their walks can see more than 125 different types of birds. The price you pay will cover a guide to show you around, a meal, a drink, binoculars, a ride to and from your hotel, and the choice to take pictures instantly and ride on all-terrain vehicles if you want.

Details about Bali Bird Walk:

💸Average entrance fee at Bali Bird Walk: US $15/person

📍Location: F6RX+P3Q, Jl. Penestanan Kelod, Sayan, Kecamatan Ubud, Bali 80571

🕙Opening hours: 08.00 am–5.00 pm

✍🏽Buy a ticket:

☎️Bali Bird Walk phone number: (0361) 975009

8. Kemenuh Butterfly Park

Different beautiful butterflies in Kemenuh Butterfly Park

You will find the special Kemenuh Butterfly Park to be one of the most highly spoken destinations to visit in Bali. This is a fun and educational trip featuring over 500 butterfly subspecies. Also, not many people know that you can see the endangered Kupu Kupu Barong moth at the cocoon house in the park. Once here, you will undoubtedly be spoiled by many variants of butterflies and flowers!

Details about Kemenuh Butterfly Park:

💸Average entrance fee at Kemenuh Butterfly Park: US $15/person

📍Location: C7GP+WMJ, Jl. Ir. Sutami, Kemenuh, Kec. Sukawati, Bali

🕙Opening hours: 09.00 am–6.00 pm

✍🏽Buy a ticket:

☎️Kemenuh Butterfly Park phone number: (0878) 55493397

Expert Opinion about Safari in Bali

Living in Bali for ten years, I have realised just how this island has so many things to offer. Especially from nature and, specifically, its wildlife.

Besides the zoos, some unique wildlife can be experienced via a safari journey. So, here are my best selections of safaris in Bali.

Mason Bali Elephant Safari, Bali Safari and Marine Park, Bali Bird Park

The reason why I chose these as my best selections is because of the experience that I have had with the animals there. They have packages that personalise your need to be close to animals and enjoy moments with them in a safe and friendly environment.

No matter what animals you like, you can’t deny that this is going to be an adventure you will not forget.


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