Direct Flights: India – Bali

By Catur, 2024.04.15

Airplane at the airport of IndiGo Airlines in Bali

In terms of visitor numbers, Indian travellers make up one of the largest tourist groups to the island; however, until the launch of a new route from IndiGo Airlines, they were forced to fly to Bali via other Asian hubs. This service opens up new possibilities for Indian tourists.

Introducing Direct Flights: India – Bali

IndiGo Airlines, the largest airline in India by total passengers carried and fleet size, embarked on its first direct route to Bali from Bengaluru on the 29th of March, 2024. The Island of Gods became the 33rd international destination for IndiGo and the second one in Indonesia after Jakarta.

As an airline, IndiGo has an impressive track record:

People are boarding a plane to Bali from IndiGo Airlines

Expanding into Bali

The decision to expand its destination list to Bali has undoubtedly been met with enthusiasm, as Indians were among the largest visitor groups to Bali in 2023, alongside Singaporeans, Australians, and Chinese. In August last year, IndiGo launched its maiden flight to Indonesia by providing a direct route from Mumbai to Jakarta. Having services in two of the busiest destinations in Indonesia will certainly create a greater impact between the two countries, including strengthening tourism and trade.

Bali as a Popular Destination for Indian Tourists

Bali is a popular holiday and beach destination for people from India as they often seek tropical places when winter hits. With its stunning nature and strong cultural atmosphere, connections to Bali are in high demand.

IndiGo itself uses Airbus A320 Neos with a daily flight to Bali, leaving Bengaluru at 00:05 and arriving in Bali at 10:20. The flight to Bengaluru leaves at 11:20 Bali time and lands at 15:15. On its first flight to Bali, IndiGo carried 183 passengers.

The Airplane flying in the sky over the Bali

Keeping It Simple: All-Economy Seating and Low Costs

Unlike Vistara, which offers different class seating for its service, IndiGo only has economy class. IndiGo doesn’t provide complimentary meals or in-flight entertainment, like other low-cost carriers, though meal service can be purchased on board. Thanks to its unique business operation, the company manages to keep costs low. They only have one aircraft in operation with a similar seating configuration, and the check-in staff also acts as baggage handlers.

Launching the Route

The prospect of IndiGo having a direct route to Bali has been in conversation since 2023. With this addition, Bali’s airport now serves 33 international routes with 36 airlines.

India had no direct connection to Bali before Vistara and IndiGo. Previously, the majority of the flights to Bali required them to fly to other hubs in Asia, such as Singapore or Hong Kong. Handy Heryudithiawan, the General Manager of Ngurah Rai International Airport, is quoted as saying, “India is an emerging market in Bali. We hope this additional service gives Indians who want to travel to Bali easier access.” Moreover, the government has stated it is aiming to welcome seven million international travellers in 2024, up from 4.5 million in 2023.

The plane is landing on the runway in Bali


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