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Kölsch in his signature blue hatKölsch, whose given name is Rune Reilly Kölsch, is a well-known Danish DJ and producer who has established his own unique style in the world of electronic music. His parents’ varied musical tastes shaped his musical path from an early age; he was born and raised in Copenhagen.

Kölsch rose to stardom in the 2000s with his distinctive blend of nuanced melodies and throbbing beats in melodic techno and expressive house. An electronic music scene hymn, his breakthrough single “Calabria” received enormous praise.

Whether or not you know the music, this DJ pulls you into the electronic music vortex. Yet you will never see people complain because the music is simply that good!


📆 Date: 10 February 
🕙 Time: 21:00 
🏠 Venue: Savaya, Bali 
📍 Location: www.maps.app.goo.gl
✍🏽 Ticketing: www.savaya.com

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